My winter riding tips

By X1Glider -

Riding Skills

 18 December 2009 20:13

The only thing I don't agree with in the 'Tips for riding in snow' article is the two pairs of socks.

The tightness of the extra layer can reduce blood circulation and make your extremeties colder.

A single layer of wool or technical fibre works best. But a wind blocking layer such as a gaitor over the boots adds to the comfort level.

Gore's Windstopper is man's best friend. Better than a heavy layer of insulation.

When insulation is needed, choose a technical fibre that conforms tight to your skin, keeping warmth close to your body where it belongs. Loose doesn't work well. Insulate your neck.

The major arties running through there can cause severe discomfort when exposed to freezing air for too long and impair your brain function to some degree.

Also, I'd add that packed snow is better than ice, but I agree slush is better than packed snow.