Riding skills: How to become faster

By Peter Baker -

Riding Skills

 19 June 2009 18:00

Q. Dear Ped, I'd like to be able to ride faster, and safer of course but I'm not sure what sort of training I should get. Can you suggest something suitable?

A. You’ve got three options depending on how much money you want to spend and the level of training you’d like.

The first, and cheapest option is take part in something one of the Bikesafe schemes. These cost from £30 to £75 and are run by most police forces across the country but check with your local force because some councils subsidise the courses and it may be free. The courses include both classroom sessions and an observed ride with a police assessor. http://www.bikesafe.co.uk/

Your second option is to complete an IAM advanced motorcycling course. This means joining a local group that will train and prepare you to take the IAM test. The ‘skills for life’ course costs £76 and includes four assessments, two theory and two riding then you should be ready take the IAM test. To find your local group visit http://www.iam.org.uk/

The third option is to take part in track based training. There are many options including a simple track day but if you want to learn more than how to terrify yourself go with a company like the California Superbike school. They provide three comprehensive levels of training from complete novice to professional racer. Each level costs between £350 to £400 depending on the circuit. http://www.superbikeschool.co.uk/