You're not Casey Stoner. Don't try rear wheel steering

You're not Casey Stoner. Don't try rear wheel steering


Riding skills: Rear wheel steering

By Chris Newbigging -

Riding Skills

 19 June 2009 14:57

Q. I've heard people talking about rear wheel steering when they're coming out of corners. What is this and is it practical to use on a day-to-day basis?

A. Unless your friends are all speedway riders, then they're probably talking rubbish.

Rear wheel steering is when the rear wheel starts spinning as you go round a corner, and cornering forces cause the rear wheel to slide out of line with the front towards the outside of a corner (sliding to the left on a right hander, and to the left on a right hander).

As the bike rotates around the steering stem, the front of the bike points towards the inside of the corner helping it to take a tighter line.

It's a useful tool for certain off-road and supermoto riding situations, but for riding on tarmac it's a difficult and highly dangerous skill that won't help you ride any better or faster - even superbike and MotoGP riders try to avoid it because it wears tyres and means you have less forward drive.

Our advice is to forget about it and be happy with both wheels gripping.