Turn-in points on the road

By Chris Dabbs -

Riding Skills

 22 May 2009 15:36

We're often told to use a deeper turn entry point on bends to improve visibility through the corner, but some people worry that it makes the corner sharper at the point of turn which loads up the front tyre and increases the risk of a crash which seems to defeat the object.

But it's all a matter of degree, if you are using a turn point on the road that is so deep you have to flick your bike on its side in a blink of an eye you are taking it to the extreme, you can turn too deeply you know.

However, if we take the two extremes, turning early and turning later then there will be a difference in the rate of turn. Getting a bike to turn quicker requires that you do no more than push the inside handlebar quicker.

The pressure you exert is directly related to the time it takes to achieve your desired lean angle.

The mis-placed fear a lot of riders have is that the front of the bike will tuck under if you turn quickly. This is not going to happen provided you relax the input to the bar once the lean angle is set.

Keep pressure on the bar and the front wheel will push, it¹s a technique used by GP Gods to scrub some corner entry speed.