Riding skills: How to land after a high-side

By Guy Procter -

Riding Skills

 27 November 2009 16:19

Most feared of self-induced crashes, the highside is unique in demanding a conscious decision of how to land.

This is part of the reason the higher you go, the worse the outcome tends to be: you have more time to think about it.

Step one: Relax
Your natural reaction is to brace for impact or put an arm out before you land. Resist it. Racers who are knocked unconscious often come out best because they remain flexible at the moment of impact with the ground.

Step two: Curl up
At the moment of impact, pull in your arms and legs to slops them flailing and smashing into the floor if you tumble.

Step three: Slide
Sliding is important because rolling creates whiplash forces which can break your arms and legs. Once you are settled into a slide you can steer with your hands and feet.

Step four: Don’t get up
In a smooth slide it’s common to feel like you’ve stopped well before you have. Wait a bit longer to avoid the unnecessary extra trip.