Don't park on a grass verge!

By Marc Abbott -

Riding Skills

 15 October 2009 13:58

I've recently moved to Brighton and unfortunately discovered that there are a serious number of parking Nazis here with my second ticket in a month.

I took my bike out of my garage and left it on a bit of grass between the road and pavement) for no more than five minutes while I sorted my kit out and when I got back there was a £35 ticket on it!

It wasn't parked on the street, which is a parking permit zone - so can they still legally give me a ticket? The ticket states I was "parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours" (12:47 to 12:52)

Nick Straughan, Brighton
The legal definition of the 'public highway' includes the pavement and any other land, right up to the boundary of private property.

In urban areas that can be the paving butting up to an office block wall, so I think that unfortunately the grassy patch is 'public highway' and the offence will stand.

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