Riding skills: Stopping accidents before they happen

By Ped Baker -

Riding Skills

 16 October 2009 16:52

If you ride a motorcycle it¹s practically inevitable that one day you¹ll crash it. Motorcycles are inherently unstable. Unlike a car, if you don¹t use the controls in the correct way the bike will fall over.

With luck, toppling off your bike at low speed will be the worst crash you¹ll ever have but there are simple ways to prevent bigger accidents before they happen.
1. Slow down
The majority of single bike accidents happen because the rider is travelling too fast for his experience and skills.
2. Anticipate the road and traffic

Look as far up the road as possible and stay wide to give yourself a clear view through corners. If there is a possibility that another vehicle will turn into your path, prepare for it happening by covering your brakes and looking at your escape route.
3. Be visible
When coming up to a car waiting at an junction make an effort to move across the carrigeway away from them. Movement across a field of vision is more visible than movement coming straight on.
If you drive a car you¹ll know where a cars blind spot it. Don¹t ride in it.
Either hang back or overtake.
4. Prioritise
Make riding the bike the most important thing you¹re doing at that moment.
Forget every other pain-in-the ass problem that¹s in your life, as soon as you¹re in the saddle concentrating on riding the bike is priority number one.