By tracktime1000 -

Riding Skills

 08 April 2010 13:52

I always thought I was a quick rider and did thousand of miles a year and lots of trackdays. And then hit I car head on down a country lane. Did it change my riding? You bet it did.

I took every advanced course there was - Bike Safe, Diamond, IAM you name it. Then got myself some hi-vis gear and fitted extra riding lamps to the bike.

Now I ride a little slower and I can be seen better. I ride a big Honda XL1000 and cars just magically move out of the way.

My one big tip is that when I approach a junction with waiting cars, I change my line slightly, drawing their attention to me and reducing my speed.

Result? I do still get pulled out on but by a massively smaller percentage and at the right speed you can always avoid them.

My philosophy is that I presume evry car I meet is trying to kill me.

his way I'm ready for them and in the last 80,000 miles haven't even had a close call.