Riding Skills: Wheelie to a world class standard

By Adam Child -

Riding Skills

 20 August 2010 11:56

Want to learn how to wheelie like a pro? Get down to Elvington (near York) this weekend for the world wheelie competition, as over 50 riders attempt to break the 172mph record....

Or if you're just starting out, maybe just check out our video guide for beginners instead:

Competitors must keep the wheelie keep the front aloft for a 1km for the record to stand. Last year MCN Senior road tester attempted the record, recording 135mph on his standard 2009 R1. Bikes range from standard road bikes to specialist 300bhp plus turbo bikes.

Along with the spectacular wheelie attempts will be stunt shows and land speed record attempts from the like of Jack Frost who is the current land speed record holder and recorded well over 250mph last year.

The wheelie competition and stunt show last all weekend at the Yorkshire airfield. We will have a full report in next weeks MCN.

Watch our video from last year's event here.