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Boost your riding skills with Colin Edwards

By Dan Aspel -

Riding Skills

 27 August 2010 16:32

Off-road riding may seem a world away from commuting and touring, but the skills involved transfer perfectly to the tarmac.

Just ask two-time World Superbike champion Colin Edwards. He’s so confident that dirt-tracking made him the racer that he is today that he’s setting up his own school.

From February you’ll be able to visit the Texas Tornado Boot Camp near Houston, Texas where Colin and his team of professional riders promise to teach you all about:

• Pushing the front
• Sliding the rear
• Looking through the corner
• Trail Braking
• Corner exit technics
• Counter steering
• Avoiding target fixation
• Body Position

The facility, currently under construction, will include: a 300' x 150' covered TT track with lighting for night racing, 1/8 mile dirt oval and TT Track and a Mini Bike MX Track.

For more information visit: www.texastornadobootcamp.com