Know the track: Cadwell Park

By MCN -

Riding Skills

 10 December 2010 16:44

In a nut-shell: In the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds, Cadwell’s “mini-Nurburgring” is one of the most picturesque and dangerous circuits in the UK.

The Mountain is one of the most famous features in British racing, with so many bikes becoming airborne after its peak that it hardly seems worthwhile surfacing the succeeding yards.

Key to a good lap: Gearing is straightforward, relying as it does on the top straight. Accelerating hard with full lean to get round Chris Curve is important, though takes some getting used to.

Mastering the twisting descent of the Gooseneck will keep the pace up through a naturally slow section.

Watch out for: The climbs and descents of the track combine demanding twisty woodland sections with long fast curves on the downland summit. Cadwell is also is very narrow, requiring inch-perfect lines which the notorious bumps and jumps do their very best to upset.

The Mountain is a natural threat, but Charlies can be troublesome too: it’s a fast, blind, double apex right-hander on which too-eager riders can come unstuck.