Riding skills: Download the free guide that's made Norwegian riders the world's safest

By Guy Procter -

Riding Skills

 03 June 2010 16:32

‘Full Control’, the 57-page bike skills guide credited with dramatically raising the standard of Norwegian riders above the global average has been published in English for the first time.    

The free PDF manual covers  core motorcycle skills in a robust, physics-grounded and clear way, giving you a complete picture of why bikes (and riders) do what they do. 

It would make a tremendous foundation for any riding skills course or indeed test.

Written by the Norsk Motorcykkel Union and published in English by FEMA, it’s available to download now and comes strongly recommended.

Plenty of people have made plenty of money out of extrapolating and complicating the simple insights and approaches described in this document.

Download Full Control here now.