Riding skills: learn basic track skills with MSV

By James Keen -

Riding Skills

 17 June 2010 13:25

If you're new to track days and you want to get faster, there's no substitute for practice. But it's also essential to get the basic skills down early. If you know the rights techniques and apply them rigorously, you'll find that increased pace comes naturally.

So a good place to start is with MSV's Rider Development Program level 1. It's a full day course that focuses on 3 important areas:

Racing Line and cornering techniques
MSV says: "Finding the right line to suit your bike and style of riding is crucial for a smooth and consistent lap. We'll show you how to use circuit markers to find your braking point and hit the apex everytime."  

Body positioning on the bike
MSV says: "Body positioning is all about how to sit and move on the bike. We'll look at the correct position for braking, accelerating and most importantly cornering including where to sit on the bike and where you should place your feet."

Mastering overtaking and trackday etiquette
MSV says: "This section is all about getting the most out of your trackday. We'll show you how to make safe and confident overtaking manoeuvres so that you can pass other riders as you become faster throughout the day."

For more details including a full list of dates and tracks available, visit www.clubmsv.co.uk.