Riding skills: Places left on Nurburgring training course

By Andy Downes -

Riding Skills

 21 June 2010 10:45

There are still places left on a German BMW Owners club which is offering a closed circuit training course at the famous Nurburgring in Germany.

The course is the perfect introduction to the Nurburgring for anyone who has fancied learning the course but has been put off by tales of nutters and crashes.

There are ten British riders already signed up for the course but there are still spaces for more and is one of the best ways of getting to grips with the course in greater safety than a public day.   

The course runs from August 1 to 4 and 2010 is the 48th year the BMW Club of Mulheim and Ruhr will be running its International Riding School. It takes expert instructors and combines it with the Nurburgring being shut to the public to create the perfect learning environment. 

Located in the stunning Eifel mountains, the Nürburgring is arguably the world’s most beautiful and challenging circuit.  The BMW course is a unique opportunity to learn the entire track in ‘section training’ which, when combined with total lapping, will be your first step toward learning the track.

This course is not a race school and the course is for riders of all abilities and for all types of machine, from touring to sports bikes. All bikes must be road legal with mirrors fitted.

MCN’s Andy Downes did the course for the first time last year. He said: “I went to the ‘Ring back in 1999 and I absolutely hated it. As a first timer it was really intimidating and from the experiences of many people since there is a lot to not like in terms of the loonies who flock there on public days.

“The BMW course was the complete opposite and not only did I learn the course well enough to feel confident on a public day in the future but from talking to loads of veterans they told me the course was fantastic value for money despite the reasonably high cost.

“Their reason for saying this was the amount of track time available is so good compared to the amount of stoppage time during public days. I managed over 300 miles of track time in three days last year which was a lot of time to learn the track.
“The best bit for me was the fact that there was no need to pull off the track to go into the pits and buy another ticket. The track was open for total laps which is very rare. I managed to see an indicated 175mph on the clock of the BMW K1300R I was riding last year. Not bad for a naked bike!

Highlights of the course are:
• Exclusive use of Nordschleife – no public traffic
• In depth ‘section training’ covering entire circuit
• Passenger laps available in cars to reinforce ‘ideal line’
• Meals on Sunday and Wednesday night with an awards night
• Open to both BMW and non BMW motorcycles (must be road legal)
• Expert tuition by Chris Rossiter and Barry Salmon, both Nürburgring instructors with over 40 years experience between them

Pillion passengers are welcome and the entry fees are rider €1,490, pillion €270.
For further details, please contact Barry Salmon at barryl.salmon@btinternet.com or call 07802 478 780.