Riding Skills: Top ten camping essentials

By Ped Baker -

Riding Skills

 22 June 2010 17:42

Camping on a bike can be a pain in the rear. The things you can't do without tend to be big (tent, sleeping bags etc) and once you've loaded them on the bike there's almost no room for anything else.

Unless you're prepared to buy a Goldwing and attach a trailer you need to be ruthless in the kit you take.

Here's our top ten essentials that take up minimal space but are worth their weight in gold.
1. Pack towel - £10. No bigger than a regular flannel but nearly as good as a bath towel. Dries quickly too. 
2. Waterproof overgloves - £22. Nylon over gloves fold into a tankbag pocket and negate the need to take two pairs of gloves on your trip.
3. Head torch - From £20. Led headtorchs are tiny, powerful and more useful than a torch inside the tent.
4. Trangia stove - £50. Two pans, a frying pan, a kettle and a burner that all fit together. Packs down to the size of a small saucepan.
5. Thermarest mat - £35. Without doubt the most comfortable and compact sleeping mat available. With the optional kit it converts into a chair.
6. Zip freezer lock bags - £5 for 100. Cheap and cheerful way of keeping documents, maps etc dry and clean.
7. Merino wool underwear - From £25. Wicks away sweat and is naturally antibacterial so doesn¹t smell. Halves the amount of pants, socks and T-shirts needed.
8. Pillow case - Stuff with clothes for a makeshift pillow.
9. Multitool - From £10. Make sure it has a corkscrew, bottle opener and screwdriver heads. Pliers are good for pulling out stuck tent pegs.
10. Spork - £1.99. Combined knife, fork and spoon in one implement. Made of plastic, weighs nothing.