Riding in town

By MCN -

Riding Skills

 25 February 2011 16:20

Town and city roads can be some of the most difficult and hazardous for bike and scooter riders.

If you use your bike for commuting everyday then chances are you’re already doing a fair bit of town riding. It really is very different to being out on the open road.

Here's a few tips on styaing safe on city streets.

  • Stay in a responsive gear. Riding in a responsive gear is vital. Most riders will tend to ride in a higher gear to keep the revs down, but this means you may not have have sufficient throttle response should you need it.
  • Cover the clutch lever and brake pedal. It might sound obvious, but keeping your hands or feet over the controls can stop you panic braking and locking the front wheel should something happen.
  • Keep an eye out for pedestrians and parked cars. Another tip that you may think is obvious, but keeping an eye out between parked cars could give you that split-second you need for when that pedestrian steps out without looking