How to start a big single

How to start a big single


Riding skills: Kickstarting a big single, in flip flops

By Ped Baker -

Riding Skills

 03 June 2011 17:29

Proof that kickstarting big capacity single cylinder motorcycles doesn't need to a fearsome affair, courtesy of Hoo Hoo Goblin.

Staring an XT500 first kick

1. Turn on the ignition, pull out the choke lever, and make sure the bike is in neutral.  Note:  Honda designed the XT to also be kick-start-able when in gear with the clutch pulled in.  If you stall it in traffic, this comes in handy.
2. Gently and slowly press the kick start around a few times with your foot until you get to a point where it stops.  This is Top Dead Center.
3. Give the kick start a little nudge to get the motor past top dead center. Maybe 1/4 or 1/2 a stroke of the kicker.
4. Kick it hard and the bike will start.

Starting a motorcycle without an automatic decompressor, courtesy of motopejo

1. Pull on the choke. Make sure the bike is in neutral.
2. With the ignition off, nudge the kickstart round so the engine turns over a couple of times. This draws fuel into the combustion chamber.
3. Turn the engine over until you can feel the piston just going over top dead centre.
4. Return the kickstart to the top of its stroke
5. Turn the ignition on.
6. Kick hard straight down, keeping your leg slightly bent.
7. If the bike fails to start, repeat from step four. A small amount of throttle should help.