Module 1 difficult?

By am -

Riding Skills

 18 May 2012 16:27

I took my module 1 bike test last Wednesday and I have to say I found it quite easy. I had four lessons beforehand, never having sat on a motorbike before, let alone controlled one.

The bit that I struggled with most in practice was the U turn but the two white lines in the test centre are so far apart that you could turn a petrol tanker around between them.

I read alot of scare stories about the hazard avoidance part of the test and must say that I found it easy. You only have to do 32 mph. You could do that on a push bike if necessary and if you take the right line the bike only needs to move about a foot off its line to succesfully complete the manoeuvre.

I really think that anyone wanting to be let loose to ride a bike on their own should be able to do these basic things.