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Kevin and Julia Sanders Globebusters China Expedition blog

By MCN -

Touring & travel

 18 May 2009 14:57

Kevin and Julia Sanders are making great progress with their epic journey to China, researching the route for the first GlobeBusters China Expedition in 2010. They are both due to enter China on Thursday and despite being in a communications black hole, have managed to send us this short update.

Hi everyone. Kevin and I have just completed the tough and challenging  Pamir highway. We’re riding the route a month earlier than we will be when we take the first GlobeBusters group on the new China trip, so there's still some snow around to catch us out! This has given us some ‘interesting’ moments on the challenging terrain and riding the route has been a huge personal achievement!

We are now in Naryn, Kyrgyrzstan.  Tajikstan was definitely the hard part of the journey, but also very fulfilling for us both. We’ll both be glad that there won’t be any snow when we come back with the GlobeBusters group, particularly as I managed to come off the bike riding over a high pass in minus wind chill conditions and sheet ice on road! 

This is a remote area of the world and the kind of infrastructure that we are all used to is pretty much non existent, except in capital cities. We’ve seen some incredible things though. The Pamirs are breathtaking and this route up there with the best and toughest in the world.

We’ve also had three full on river crossings. People's diet in these areas is fairly poor and consists of the same meat and potato soup and bread.  After several days on Yaks meat, we’re both glad to be able to tuck into food which is more interesting!

Julia Sanders