Touring advice: 10 ways to prep your bike for touring

By James Mostyn -

Touring & travel

 29 May 2009 16:52

10 Ways to prep your bike for touring

• Ensure tyre pressures are as recommended in the owner’s handbook.

• Set the suspension for the correct weight according to the handbook.

• Check the tread on both tyres, particularly the rear.

• Don’t overload your bike; check the manual for the maximum weight.

• Put your heaviest items as near the centre as possible.

• Balance luggage as evenly as you can to keep handling neutral.

• Make sure the widest part of the luggage is no wider than the mirrors.

• Speak to a dealer about recommending the most appropriate luggage.

• Take the fully-laden bike for a test ride to get a feel for the extra size and weight.

• Take a spare key for your hard-luggage.