Bulgaria off road tour - Part Two

By ronlincoln -

Touring & travel

 17 November 2009 10:29

4000 miles from home, totally disorientated and the guy said he would take us back to Pamporovo “off road” over the mountains.

None of us had done off road before except Ken who had to have a go before he came out – he likes to be in front.

So we all fired up the bikes and the guy was on a 500cc Suzuki and when it roared into life we all dived for cover – the air was pulsing to the beat of the engine – no worries about road legal cans over here then and at least we wouldn’t lose him on the mountains, you could follow that noise for miles.

A mile or so down the road we turned off over a small wooden bridge to the track.

I have to say the last time I experienced fear was on the top of a mountain with two planks of wood on my feet and a ski instructor shouting “Bend the knees, and lets go!”

I was on a terrible bike, with no idea as to how best to deal with the terrain and playing follow the leader with a maniac on a 500 Beast, fast disappearing up the mountain with my mates.

The rain was pouring off the mountain, collecting in huge puddles all over the tracks which were once solid but were now mud pits, just waiting to suck us in – well me anyway.

I fell off.

OK it was my fault, I realised the way to control it was to leave it in first and use the throttle and go for it - easier said than done with a loose throttle grip.

We came to a junction in the track and Ken had arrived first – no surprise there- but was destined to go no further on the bike – the clutch had gone. Revving like mad would just about move it, but that was it.

So our “guide”, decided to take it back and leave his 500 Beast with Ken.

So he calls us all together round this piece of muddy ground and draws a map in the dirt showing us the route to the next village and a turn off where there was a restaurant and he would meet us there.

Now forgive me for being a cynic but I couldn’t figure how we were going to take that map with us and as we were all “lost” it would certainly have helped to have it along – but what did we care, we were in Bulgaria on Bikes up the mountains!

The last thing he said as he left was “You should put some petrol in when you get there.”

That left us wondering just how much petrol we had…