Riding the Arctic on an R1

By Ped Baker -

Touring & travel

 25 April 2010 21:08

Sjaak Lucassen is a self proclaimed Extreme World Traveller and complete nutcase.

His speciality is touring on what most people would consider to be completely unsuitable bikes, previous exploits including circumnavigations of the globe on a '92 Honda Fireblade and an '01 Yamaha R1.

The Dutch riders next extreme endeavour will take him and his R1 the length of North and South American continents.

The journey begins at Barrow, Alaska, 320miles inside the Arctic circle where roads are rare and the terrain is more suited to a snowmobile than motorcycle. His proposed mods include:

Modified Forks and Swing arm to take 21inch wheels (needed for
spiked/paddle tyres)

Sledge hook for towing all the equipment and fuel needed for the 930 miles between fuel stops

Home made Handlebar muffs

A cover for the radiator so the bike reaches operating temperature.

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