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Brits still lead GS Trophy - day 4

By MCN -

Touring & travel

 18 November 2010 09:59

Team GB (Kevin Hammond, Alistair Allan, Mark Kinnard) are currently leading the BMW GS Trophy – a global competition to find the best GS riders in the world.

It’s taking place in South Africa, where the 13 teams of GS owners are being given an increasingly arduous challenges in between traversing Africa on GSes.

After four days, Team GB are now leading the competition. Here’s Warren Pole’s latest report:  

“We were all set for a 5.30am start today, but thanks to the absolute lack of soundproofing provided by tents, Team GB was woken well in advance by Hammond - clearly excited as it was his birthday – clumping around as dawn was breaking.
Which meant the team was ready to roll in plenty of time with none of the rushing around experienced by most other teams who had foolishly elected to sleep until the official wake up klaxon went off. Fools. 

"This readiness paid off handsomely, with Team GB scoring well in the day’s first test, held after a punishing hard-paced 100-mile trail ride through the bush. A towing exercise up a two-mile singletrack complete with an evil river crossing and ruts you could lose a bike in, Hammond and Allan took this one on in style, finishing third overall.

"Another kamikaze 50-mile blast in the dirt brought us all to the day’s big test – 20 miles of deep, deep sand. A walk in the park for the team, a baptism of fire for me, this was a rocking end to the Trophy’s toughest day yet.

"Best of all, with all three team members finishing the sand section in short order, the team have not only maintained their lead but have extended it to 12 points.

"Just off to put the flag up again for another night in Trophy tent city.”