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Brits lead GS Trophy!

By MCN -

Touring & travel

 17 November 2010 12:52

Team GB (Kevin Hammond, Alistair Allan, Mark Kinnard) are currently leading the BMW GS Trophy – a global competition to find the best GS riders in the world.

It’s taking place in South Africa, where the 13 teams of GS owners are being given an increasingly arduous challenges in between traversing Africa on GSes.

After three days, Team GB are now leading the competition. Here’s Warren Pole’s report: 

“After a late night improving international relations with Team Italy over a case of beers, Team GB and the rest of the GS Trophy competitors awoke to a soaking wet, chilly morning in South Africa.

"Stop one after 50 miles of dirt roads and with the sun now beating down saw two point scoring special stages – a tractor pull, and a tractor tyre push through a slalom course. With two full time farmers on the team, this was like a busman’s holiday for Team GB, who put in a good showing with the tractor but romped the tyre roll for the win.

"Back on the trail, it was over the border into Swaziland where the trails toughened up and the scenery would have left our jaws on the floor if our chinstraps weren’t there to hold then up.

"There were two special stages en route here, a filthy deep and swampy mud crossing and then a rock-strewn knee-deep river crossing. Both were timed, and Team GB’s trial riding skills shone as they won the river crossing and placed second in the mudbath.

This bagged them enough points to secure top spot on the leaderboard as we go into day three. The George cross flutters proudly!”