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GS Trophy - day 6

By MCN -

Touring & travel

 22 November 2010 17:09

Team GB (Kevin Hammond, Alistair Allan, Mark Kinnard) are currently leading the BMW GS Trophy – a global competition to find the best GS riders in the world.

It’s taking place in South Africa, where the 13 teams of GS owners are being given an increasingly arduous challenges in between traversing Africa on GSes.

After six days, Team GB are still leading the competition. Here’s Warren Pole’s latest report:

"Woke up this morning in the middle of a game reserve where the only thing separating the myriad tents of the GS Trophy encampment from the lions, elephants. Rhino, crocodiles, hippos, snakes, spiders and buffalo beyond was… two lengths of wire at waist height around the perimeter of our camp.

"But after almost a week deep in backwoods Africa, this somehow seemed almost normal and judging by the snores last night, everyone slept well. Judging by the correct number of bikes leaving this morning, no one was eaten either.

"With Team GB having their lead cut to just three points yesterday it was a tense team that went into today’s first special stage – a double wheel change against the clock, held after 70 miles of off-road madness.

"The Brit trio are spanner aces, but disaster struck as the second wheel went back in and a bent brake pad pin cost them valuable minutes.

"Fortunately the next 50 miles of bush trail hacking put the smiles back on their faces, and saw them suitably pumped to beat South Africa (breathing down their necks in second place) in the next two special stages – canoe races in a crocodile-infested lake, and a trials/spear throwing exercise. They home team did ace GB in the photo contest, but only by one point meaning that once again, the UK underdogs go to bed leading the GS Trophy."