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GS Trophy day 7: Our man crashes big-style...

By MCN -

Touring & travel

 23 November 2010 09:53

Team GB (Kevin Hammond, Alistair Allan, Mark Kinnard) are currently leading the BMW GS Trophy – a global competition to find the best GS riders in the world.

It’s taking place in South Africa, where the 13 teams of GS owners are being given an increasingly arduous challenges in between traversing Africa on GSes.

After seven days, Team GB are still leading the competition. Meanwhile, MCN's intrepid reporter Warren Pole has been flying through the countryside without the aid of a motorcycle... 

A shorter blog today as I’m writing this freshly stitched up and loaded up on prescription painkillers after the biggest crash I’ve had in years this afternoon when an evil lock-to-lock tankslapper took hold and refused to let go while barreling down a rocky dirt track.

The result was the GS and I parting company at pace, with me luckily coming off far better than the bike, of which only the engine is salvageable after it went end over end several times before clearing a fence and landing in a field.

The news from the rest of Team GB is far better, because after two more special stages today, they have held the lead again. South Africa and the Nordic team are both just five points behind though as we go into the last day so it’s all going to hinge on tomorrow’s events (if you haven’t voted for our photo yet get to gstrophy.com and do it now. Please. See yesterday’s entry for an explanation if this confuses).

It’ll be a fitful night’s sleep for the team, although not for me as the GS Trophy doc has assured me my painkillers will knock me out in an instant. Toodle pip.