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GS Trophy day 8 – the end

By MCN -

Touring & travel

 26 November 2010 11:19

Team GB (Kevin Hammond, Alistair Allan, Mark Kinnard) have won the BMW GS Trophy – a global competition to find the best GS riders in the world.

The victorious trio beat 12 other teams of GS owners after completing increasingly arduous challenges while traversing Africa on GSes. 

Here's the final report from MCN's intrepid reporter Warren Pole (who is still recovering from crashing trying to keep up with the Brit team...)

"Well praise be for painkillers for I awoke this morning feeling far better than I deserved to after yesterday’s off. With a few more down, I was ready to face the day where I discovered the wonderful GS Trophy big cheeses had sorted me a fresh bike. This meant I could ride the final 150 miles of the event, rather than crossing the finish line in a car. Result.

Before all that though came the final special stage of this event, a fiddly, tricky, awkward trials section. Two of Team GB are hard core trials riders from the old school anyway, while the other is a seriously versatile enduro rider so this was right up their street.

But this was high stakes trials. Both the South African and Nordic Teams were breathing down GB’s neck by just five points by this stage, and with 15 points for a win here everything was to play for. All the teams were strong, but GB were far from sure of winning it.

An afternoon of frantic mental arithmetic followed as we nervously awaited the final result, and the result of the photo contest. Re the latter, thanks to all the great folks who voted for our shot, we romped home second gaining valuable points.

Even so, we had no idea if we would end up first, second or third when trophy time came. So it was a very nervy Team GB who sat down to dinner as the announcements were read out.

As it happened, the Brits did enough in the trial to bag the win by just one solitary point. Prizes, man hugs and hearty handshakes were dished out, and then the drinking began. It’s still going as I type this. "