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World record attempt starts at Glastonbury Festival this weekend

By Andy Downes -

Touring & travel

 24 June 2011 10:11

Music business journalist Greg Parmley will try something never done before: riding to 26 festivals across Europe in just 30 days as he attempts to set a new Guinness World Record after leaving from Glastonbury this weekend.

Parmley will be using a new BMW R1200R for the journey which starts at Glastonbury on June 24. Parmley will visit 13 countries, travelling over 5,500 miles in the process. He starts at Glastonbury on 24 June before zigzagging across Europe, all the way to Croatia and back, returning on 23 July.

This is the first record attempt ever related to a music festival and Guinness World Records has opened a new category for the trip: ‘Most Festivals Visited in 30 Days’.

After long weeks of training and preparation, and faced with travelling up to a 400 miles per day, Parmley, who edits the live music industry publication IQ magazine, will be taking in the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland on his unique Euro escapade.

He says: "I was trying to think of an excuse to get out of the office and onto a motorbike for a few weeks, and then I started joining the dots around festivals in Europe. No-one’s ever attempted to visit this many before, although there may well be a good reason why not! I’ve always been a huge festival fan but I may have gone a little overboard this time…"

He will also be blogging and documenting the trip as he goes via www.facebook.com/RidetoLive2011