Our first trip to Scotland

By bikagal -

Touring & travel

 15 May 2011 20:13

This is our first ever touring trip and we decided to tour Scotland.

We both love reading MCN and thought we would send you a picture of us, our bikes and the beautiful back drop of Loch Ness where we took 5 minutes to take in the scenery and enjoy reading our No.1 bike paper.

We toured for two weeks taking in the sites and roads of the West coast, across the North roads and back down the East coast all the way home to Derbyshire.

It was amazing and even though we didn't have the best of weather we will certainly return, we met many bikers up there and made a few new Scottish friends along the way.

Me and my partner Alvin both love our bikes and throughly enjoyed our trip and will definitely be doing some more in the near future.