10 ways to go the distance - expert advice from Haynes

10 ways to go the distance - expert advice from Haynes


10 Ways to go the distance - expert advice from Haynes

By Ped Baker -

Touring & travel

 20 May 2011 11:41

Haynes Publishing, renowned for motorcycle manuals and books have compiled ten useful tips for long distance summer rides. Penny Cox, Motorcycle Editorial Manager for Haynes, says: "The warm, dry, sunny spring has been a dream for bikers and one way to ensure these heady days continue, is to make sure your maintenance is up to scratch.

"Simple things like checking tyre pressures and adjusting suspension will improve safety as well as fuel efficiency and general comfort. And if your bike isn’t generally used for long trips, or you’ve owned the bike for only a short time and don’t know its history, it’s worth spending a few hours preparing for the journey."

Haynes top 10 tips for bike maintenance and safety: 

  1. Set the suspension to suit the increased load of a passenger and/or luggage
  2. Adjust the tyre pressures if you’re touring two-up. Remember that low tyre pressures will have an adverse effect on the bike’s handling and fuel economy.  
  3. Take your own tyre pressure gauge with you so that you don’t have to rely on those in filling stations.
  4. Make sure the battery is in good condition This is something that often gets missed in the basic maintenance routine.
  5. Consider taking a few extra tools to those contained in the bike’s toolkit. If you have room, an aerosol tyre sealant is worth taking, as are a few cable-ties, a small roll of duct tape and a can of WD40.
  6. If your bike has chain drive, give the chain a good clean and apply fresh lube. Also make sure its tension is correct.
  7. Go around the bike checking the tightness of all fasteners, particularly those which form fixings for luggage.
  8. If the next service interval is approaching soon after or during your trip, bring it forward to ensure peace of mind and reduce the likelihood of a breakdown, but don’t leave it until the last minute!
  9. If the bike is likely to be kept in a public place overnight, take a good lock with you to ensure its security.
  10. If you’re not confident about fixing the bike, sign up for breakdown assistance.