The five greatest adventure motorcycle films

By Andy Davidson -

Touring & travel

 08 August 2012 07:30

Austin Vince is the Godfather of modern adventure motorcycling. Vince and team were the first ever people to reach remote Magadan, Siberia overland (Mondo Enduro 1995) and then to cross Siberia without using the train (Terra Circa 2001).

Not only did they plan and execute these trips on 350cc dirt bikes, they took the time and effort to make seminal ground-breaking documentaries too.

Here’s Austin’s top five films …

5. Riding Solo To The Top Of The World (2006) Gaurav Jani


4. The Omidvar Brothers (1955- 1965)


3. Twice Upon a Caravan (1932) Robert Fulton Jnr Currently unavailable online but can be seen at the Adventure Travel Film Festival August 17th- 20th. See for details

2. Cycles South (1970) Don Marshall


1. MotoSyberia (2007) Maciek Swinarski


A couple of Austin’s own… Mondo Enduro (1995)


Terra Circa (2001)


For more motorcycle adventure films including MotoSyberia 2.0 and Twice Upon a Caravan visit