Torrevieja bike tour

By Alan Furlong -

Touring & travel

 06 April 2012 19:27

Alan, Michael and Glenn go on dream bike run across France through the Pyrennes on to Torrevieja in Spain (approx 30 miles south of Alicante).

This idea started two years ago after a charity bike run here in Donegal.The more we thought about it the more we thought why not?

Alan has recently bought a 2004 BMW 1150RT, Michael has a new Honda Deauville and Glenn a GSX-R600. So we booked the ferry for Paddy's Day

Our run from Donegal to Rosslare in Co. Wexford is a nice warm up for our journey - 280 miles. When we land in Cherbourg there's only 1100 miles to go.

Having never toured on the continent before on bikes we were slightly nervous but excited.

We left Rosslare at 18:30 and arrived at Cherbourg at 13:00 the following day.

For the first hour the following day the weather was good but soon changed, when it got dark we pulled in to Niort and found a hotel for the night.

The next morning the weather was good and we managed to cover 550 miles. That took us over the Pyrennes with its unbelieveable scenery and great roads.

We stopped when it got dark in a small town called Serrion, between Teruel and Valencia.

The next morning we could not believe our luck as it was snowing!

We headed off regardless and it was cold and very wet. Michael and I were glad of heated grips, Glenn was not impressed. Roads were flooded and it was becoming dangerous so we pulled in again. That stop turned in to 3 nights.

This small village was called Castella, we left at 08:00 in glorious weather and arrived in Torrevieja at 10:00 approx.

We stayed four nights there, went for runs every day around Murcia and the small villages all over south east Spain. We had a great time and it was agreat experience.

Our trip home was in glorious weather and uneventful compared to the run down.

We arrived back in Donegal on Thursday March 29 at 22:00 tired and our speedometers reading 3,318 miles more.