Redtread adventure holiday review

By gavin & kathy -

Touring & travel

 30 August 2012 12:40

This was our three day riding experience with Redtread. It was the best holiday I have ever had!

The facilities were really good; clean rooms, pool and a top bar with hosts Adrian and Lesley who made you feel like family and would go the extra mile. This included fresh homemade cakes after every ride! The guides Bart and Digger were superstars.

We arrived at the airport in the evening and were picked up by Adrian who made us feel welcome. On the drive to Redtread we had an informal brief about the complex and once at Redtread we were kitted out with well-fitting kit.

Meeting at 10am to talk about kit, riding experience and meet the guides. They asked everyone which bike they wanted; WR250 or WR450. Kath used a Honda CRF230 due to her height. I went for the 250.

From there we rode to the practice track where half a day training was given (Kath was given the option to go in the truck with the bike on tow as she had no experience on that type of bike).

At the track we developed skills which we would need, and Bart gave Kath a one-on-one lesson and was very patient with Kath and good at teaching her the skills she would need.

Digger put the lads though their paces and gave good clear advice. Then it was time for lunch which was more than enough and very tasty. After lunch it was out on the trails, where we did dust tracks and a drop in to a river.

Kath had a few spills but was helped straight away by Bart who sorted it out and gave advice and kept Kath’s spirits up

 At the front Digger was leading the tour and was good at setting a good speed for the group so it flowed just right.

Another fab breakfast from our hosts before our departure for the day at 10am. We set off for some mountain trails, before dropping into a long ride down a river bed where you could stretch the bikes and slide them.

A few people had drops and got stuck but Bart was a superstar and sorted it all out. Digger set a good pace to follow with no pressure to keep up.

From there we were put through our paces up and down drops and round tight turns before lunch. The afternoon was finished off with a mix off dirt track and tarmac roads.

Setting off at 10am we rode up and down a valley, before heading up a mountain to a zoo for lunch, but on the way there were three optional hard hill climbs and descents, where digger would explain then show you how to do it. There was no pressure for you to do it as you could just ride round if you wanted.

After lunch at the zoo we did some fast flowing dirt tracks along the mountains with the odd jump which was brilliant fun!

A pool day and chance to look around the town of Competa which is a lovely little town. On departure the hosts give you a presentation pack with photos and other bits and bobs to remember your time.

The bikes
They were in good condition and well looked after. They had the odd marks but they're off-road bikes so you expect a few scuffs.

The kit 
A couple of scuffs here and there but generally in really good condition. If you damaged it a little i.e. put a little hole in the shirt there was no issue and no charge.

The guides
Very helpful, confidence inspiring and always on hand with great advice.

Value for money
As a tight Yorkshireman I can say yes.

Bad points
Having to go back to the real world and work.