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Enfield 500 BULLET Classic Motorbike Review

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Royal Enfield Bullet 500 motorcycle review - Riding
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MCN overall verdict rating is 3

Early models of the Royal Enfiled Bullet 500 weren't very well made and you might be better off finding a 2000 onwards example of this classic Brit single, now made in India. There have been many variants of the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 produced by the UK importers, from cafe racers to sidecar combos, with the Clubman GT offering the most power from the Royal Enfiled 500cc motor.


MCN rating rating is 3
Owners' rating rating is 0

In standard trim the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 single makes a claimed 22bhp, with another 2bhp squeezed out of the Clubman cafe racer version. The notchy gearbox takes some getting used to, but one thing you'll have whilst riding a Royal Enfield is time, as progress is leisurely, and there's no difference wit hthe Royal Enfield Bullet 500.

Ride and Handling

MCN rating rating is 3
Owners' rating rating is 0

The Royal Enfield Bullet 500 runs on skinny old tyres and handles OK for something so old fashioned, equipped with such basic forks and shock absorbers. The Bullet 500 can't really go fast enough to test its chassis to the limit, which is probably a good thing.


MCN rating rating is 3
Owners' rating rating is 0

Old fashioned drum brakes can cause a few heart-stopping moments on the Royal Enfiled Bullet 500 and many of the pre-2004 model 500 Bullets have no electric start either, so you have to master the knack of kick-starting. The Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Trials and Army versions look like they've come straight from the set of `Heartbeat ' and have the most old school detailing.

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 (1992-current)

Detail Value
New price £4,032
Dealer used prices
£2,320 (2005) - £4,610 (2014)
Private used prices
£2,080 (2005) - £4,150 (2014)
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Engine size 499 cc
Power 22 bhp
Top speed 70 mph
Insurance group 6 of 17
  MCN ratings Owners' ratings
Overall rating is 3 rating is 0
Engine rating is 3 rating is 0
Ride & Handling rating is 3 rating is 0
Equipment rating is 3 rating is 0
Quality & Reliability rating is 3 rating is 0
Value rating is 4 rating is 0

Quality and Reliability

MCN rating rating is 3
Owners' rating rating is 0

Build quality improved gradually on the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 from the late 1990s onwards, as Eicher's new Indian factory took over and over 100 detail improvements have been made to the motorcycle in the last decade or so, by the factory and the UK importers. The Royal Enfield Bullet 500 is now a classic motorcycle you can use regularly.


MCN rating rating is 4
Owners' rating rating is 0

As a used buy, the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 makes a whole lot of sense, as owners tend to be fussy types and £1000 upwards gets you something in OK nick. As a new bike, four grand is quite expensive for a 75mph cafe racer - a decent 650  Bonnie/750 Commando could be had for the same cash and arguably worth more in the long run compared to the Royal Enfield Bullet 500. Find a Royal Enfield Bullet 500 for sale.  


Insurance group: 6 of 17

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Model History

1996:Royal  Enfield Bullet 500 imported in small numbers to the UK.
1997: New owners Eicher Engineering acquire factory in India.
2001: UK importer launches Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Army variant, in olive green.
2002: UK importer launches Royal Enfield Bullet 500 ES (electric start) and 500 Clubman GT variants.
2003: Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Trials launched.
2004: Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Sixty-Five (and Sixty-Five Sportsman/Street) launched; five gears, lean burn engine.
2004: Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Clubman S joins the GT.
2005: Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Sixty-Five T replaces the Trials model, Electra 5 speed models gradually replace older Bullet 500 range, except for Clubman S model.

Other Versions

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Trials, Bullet 500 Sixty-Five T, Bullet 500 Sixty Five Sportsman, Bullet 500 Sixty Five Street, Bullet 500 Army, Bullet 500 Clubman GT, Bullet 500 Clubman S, Bullet 500 ES, Bullet 500 Jubilee Sidecar Outfit, Bullet 500 Manx Sidecar Outfit, Bullet 500 Stratford Sidecar Outfit.


Top speed 70 mph
1/4-mile acceleration 17.3 secs
Max power 22 bhp
Max torque 20 ft-lb
Weight 168 kg
Seat height 760 mm
Fuel capacity 14.5 litres
Average fuel consumption 70 mpg
Tank range 200 miles
Annual road tax
Insurance group 6 of 17
Engine size 499 cc
Engine specification 4 stroke, single, 4 speed
Frame Steel cradle type
Front suspension adjustment None
Rear suspension adjustment None
Front brakes Drum
Rear brake Drum
Front tyre size 2.75 x 17 in
Rear tyre size 3.00 x 17 in

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1268 miles



1786 miles



114 miles



2946 miles



4000 miles


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