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Suzuki DR125 Trail Motorbike Review

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Suzuki DR125SM - does what it says on the tin
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MCN overall verdict rating is 4

It does what is says on the tin but with some added extra style. The four stoke motor is virtually bullet proof if on the slow side and old compared to the two stoke competition. But it’s dependable, easy to ride, cheap to run, light, functional but with added extra Supermoto styling.


MCN rating rating is 4
Owners' rating rating is 0

The single cylinder, four stoke, fuel injected engines pushes out a claimed 12bhp, but a few of them seem to be hidden. On a flat dual carriage way the DR125SM will just about break the speed limit, eventually topping 70mph. It may not be revvy like a two stoke single, and older than Jimmy Savel buts its functional and the relatively torquey engine makes it easy to ride.

Ride and Handling

MCN rating rating is 3.5
Owners' rating rating is 0

As you would expect form the price tag and the non adjustable suspension it’s not breathtaking, but adequate. For normal riding it’s more than enough not too soft, and copes well with pot holes and speed ramps. However, the rear is on the soft side and will skip over bumps if pushed a little too hard. Two up and the rear shock turns into a pogo stick. 


MCN rating rating is 4
Owners' rating rating is 0

It’s straightforward as the price tag suggests. The clocks are basic and simple, there isn’t even a rev counter. The air cooled engine is simplistic, why couldn’t they have given us a new water cooled lump. But it’s not too bad the styling is relatively funky, better than most budget four stoke 125 machines.

Suzuki DR125SM (2008-2012)

Detail Value
New price £2,965
Engine size 124 cc
Power 12 bhp
Top speed 75 mph
  MCN ratings Owners' ratings
Overall rating is 4 rating is 0
Engine rating is 4 rating is 0
Ride & Handling rating is 3.5 rating is 0
Equipment rating is 4 rating is 0
Quality & Reliability rating is 3.5 rating is 0
Value rating is 4 rating is 0

Quality and Reliability

MCN rating rating is 3.5
Owners' rating rating is 0

There is no reason to doubt the engine reliability it should chug along forever, no matter how much you stretch the throttle cable. However, in places the Suzuki DR125SM feels a bit cheap and too plastic, like something made in China. There is no real feeling of quality; however you have to remember the low price tag.


MCN rating rating is 4
Owners' rating rating is 0

At just over £2500 it’s competitively priced virtually the same as the other Japanese competition from Yamaha in the shape of the XT. The engine is bullet proof, should chug along forever, and if you want a budget, Supermoto styled commuter, offering value for money then look nor further. Find a Suzuki DR125 for sale.


Insurance group: n/a

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Model History


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Top speed 75 mph
1/4-mile acceleration secs
Max power 12 bhp
Max torque 7 ft-lb
Weight 121 kg
Seat height 836 mm
Fuel capacity 9 litres
Average fuel consumption mpg
Tank range miles
Annual road tax
Insurance group of 17
Engine size 124 cc
Engine specification 2v four stroke single, 6 gears
Frame Tubular steel
Front suspension adjustment 35mm conventional forks
Rear suspension adjustment Single shock, non adjust
Front brakes 1x 250mm 2 piston caliper
Rear brake 222mm disc single piston
Front tyre size 100/80x17
Rear tyre size 130/70x17

Owners' Overall Rating rating is 0(0 reviews)

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Suzuki DR125SM

Very interestiing, but i found some little problems, I own a Suzuki DR125SM and, first the engine only has 11 bhp,second top speed 110km/h (68mph), third wheight 130 kg, fouth the engine only has 5 gears, it's sad when you are looking for information and you find the sources are wrong...

09 June 2014 22:30

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