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Where's my NCB proof???

My motorcycle insurance recently (MCE Insurance) expired on 25/09/14 and I was expecting to receive proof of NCB shortly after this. I paid my premium in full last year and didn't make a claim.I sent an email to the Insurance company on 01/10/14 (6 days later) requesting proof of NCB.I then sent another email on 08/10/14 and still no response!I would like to know why this is such a hassle when I originally managed to find, pay for and receive all insurance documents start to finish in 15 minutes flat??I'm still waiting for a response from said insurance company and ...

  • Created 08 October 2014 17:38 by Adzy1981
  • Last comment 11 days ago ago by Adzy1981

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any ideas on how to

get the rubber foot rests of the steel inserts on my ts 125 model L 1974 think they were glued on their mint so don't wanna split them ?any help would b topsregards gungga


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New radials for Thruxton

Any owners planning on fitting the new Conti road attack 2 front radial? Am thinking a change from the standard Metzeler's couldn't help but improve handling.

  • Created 09 October 2014 17:06 by obelisk

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Appreciate advice on this please

Evening all, I recently changed jobs and, in order to avoid the overpriced and unreliable public transport here in the big smoke, I decided to buy a motorbike to get to work. I've held a bike license for nearly 18 years, but have been out of the loop and haven't had to insure a car or bike for the last 10 years. I headed over to to put in my details and see how much the they were asking. The cheapest policy came in at around %XA3200 mark. I should add at this point that I wanted to keep ...

Mike P

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Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC

I'm looking to change the standard pirelli diablo supecorsa sp's (200 on the rear). I'd like something more suited to our mixed weather in the UK, ie good in dry + wet, and warm up quickly. The bike can recalibrate itself to 190, 50 or 55. I've used Dunlop Sportsmarts before on other bikes, but looking for advice. Thanks

  • Created 09 October 2014 12:15 by Mike P

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Versys 1000 price

Hi guys,Im new to the forum and I thought I would ask on here to see if anyone knows roughly how much a bike price will change when a new model is announced?I'm looking at buying the current model of the versys 1000 next year (here come ugly bike jokes lol) but with the new model being announced how much haggle room will this give me? Cheers!Craig

  • Created 08 October 2014 22:11 by Kerr1992
  • Last comment 12 days ago ago by Kerr1992

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A rear-end collision: Is that automatically 'Undue Care & Attention'?

On my daily commute there%X92s a large scale roundabout where the lights are phased to encourage flow and enable entering traffic the time to exit the roundabout with each cycle before new traffic flows on.  Earlier this year, at a very moderate speed (circa 20mph) on a very busy morning, the car in front made a very abrupt stop on the exit of the roundabout.  Of course I hadn%X92t expected it and  I%X92d assumed he would exit the roundabout with the lights just turning amber. His dash-mounted GoPro video corroborated his statement that it was hard to see the ...

  • Created 08 October 2014 14:24 by JrbSail
  • Last comment 12 days ago ago by JrbSail

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Honda CG125 starter

Recently got given a scrappy non runner CG125, am fixing it up for my wife to learn on. Stripped it down quite a bit and its tidying up not to bad so likely is worth saving. Problem with starter motor - i went through all the usual cleaning connections and freeing it up - re fitted it , and it now spins, but does not spin the engine. I removed the small left hand side cover and can see the gear is engaged and spinning when i blip the starter. when i remove that gear , the gear behind it ...


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6 months to prosecute?

Hi, I got pulled up for some exuberant riding in April this year. Due to the seriousness of offences the policeman said it would have to go to court. I had always thought that the police have 6 months to get the case to court or it gets thrown out, but I've just received a court summons 12 days short of 6 months and the hearing is to take place in January. I've since read elsewhere that the police merely have to provide the court with sufficient evidence to prosecute within 6 months. Is this true? Help!

  • Created 01 October 2014 08:03 by supermario
  • Last comment 14 days ago ago by Grant1979

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Yamaha "reserve" switch

On a 1994 FZR there is a reserve switch and a low fuel warning light. When the light comes on you're supposed to move the switch to the "res" position. Can anyone confirm,  is the fuel light supposed to go off when you switch to "res"?The switch didn't work on my bike when I bought it and someone had removed the bulb, I'm trying to get it all working again but I'm not entirely sure how it's supposed to be.

  • Created 03 October 2014 23:10 by ranorthe
  • Last comment 15 days ago ago by ranorthe

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