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Front wheel/brake.

Well, I had a seized front brake piston about 2 months ago and ended up replacing the full front brake system bar the disc (lexmoto only sell full systems not just calipers) and its been fine since. Then today I was riding to work and starting getting a kind of rattle through the bars and what sounded like the front brake rubbing every few wheel turns. I changed the brake pads and the inboard pad was worn pretty much all the way down, and the brake calipers and discs were red hot (obviously indicating rubbing). The problem still persisted and I ...


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I had no front brake light on my 2002 Fzs600fazer, I removed and cleaned the microswitch and tested it was working, then I touched together the two wires and the brakelight came on, unfortunately I forgot to switch off the ignition when I re-connected the wires to the switch, I now have no lights or horn and it's not the fuse that's blown, any ideas?

  • Created 29 June 2014 16:45 by Paul61
  • Last comment 13 days ago ago by kcmc

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wk sp125n ...model125ss

New updatebike come back yesterdayonly took about a monthworse condition than it whent out to the shopit ran    but there isdamage to the tankscratches on exhaustscratches on fairingsa greesey broken washer sitting on the framebolt missing from fairingso I have rejected deliveryand notified the finance companyive a good mind to name and same this company.....  . 


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wk sp125n ...model125ss .....

New update my bike came back yesterday. worse condition than it when to the shopit ran...but there is scratches on the exhaustscratches on the fairingbolt missing from fairingand a broken greesey washer sitting on the frame......Chipped tankI have rejected delivery and sent it backAnd notified the finance compay about it have tol them that I feel that the bike is aint how it was when it was sent outso sorry to say after waiting a month to get my bike backI have had to reject deliveryive a good mind to name and same this company. .......


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dynojet needles ?

Which in the following picture is the dynojet needle out of these two in the picture. The needle with a circlip had two washers on the top of it bike FZR 600R 4jh 

  • Created 28 June 2014 23:56 by oscarthegrouch
  • Last comment 14 days ago ago by fogie

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Derbi Senda problem

I currently have a Derbi Senda SM50 2005 with a ebs engine.  I sold my scooter to get a geared bike and I've had nothing but problems.  I have spent a lot of money on this bike and frankly am skint.  The problem I am currently having is the head is getting very hot very quick and bike cuts out.  I have just replaced the head and piston thinking the old one was no good only to be still getting the same problem. HELP PLEASE I know how to take the bike apart as I have done this a few ...

  • Created 29 June 2014 16:02 by samcapo
  • Last comment 15 days ago ago by jaffa90

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Ethanol in petrol

Ethanol has ruined my fuel lines and tank gaskets whats the bet it has ruined all the o rings in the carbs ..... opinions please ....just priced the tank gasket from ian bell 44 quid


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bike tracker worth it?

Have bought a lovely bike and was considering a tracker. Its the kind of bike that isnt going to be had by kids as it if quite an effort to steal it. locks, chains, disk locks and so forth. A quick google has shown that informing the police of the location of the bike and most likely thieves incurs a %XA3150 charge for them to retrieve it. I pay something called council tax and seeing as though they havent recovered any of the 3 bikes i have had nicked previously or found the scallywags i feel that doing the hard ...


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MT07 sold what

So I took a fellow forums members advise and decided to go for a mt07 as my first 'big bike'. I went down to my nearest yamaha dealer today to only find out there's a waiting list until around November. Does anyone have any alternative bikes I should consider or do you think it's best I wait until the end of the year?

  • Created 29 June 2014 14:53 by Neal2000uk

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HiTrying to sort out a problem with my sons Honda XR125L4 2005. the battery is not charging and it looks like the rectifier/reg has gone (tested diodes etc). Trying to find a replacement if any one has any good ideas, new ones seem really expensive for some reason (%XA3100-200).The main reason for posting here is that I cannot find any information on how the unit should be fixed to the bike, it appears to be cable tied to the frame under the fuel tank. It has got an earth cable into the loom so am I right in thinking it ...

  • Created 29 June 2014 09:40 by XR215l4
  • Last comment 16 days ago ago by jaffa90

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