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stuck at red lights

A friend recently told me about a new product that trips red lights electronically. For me, getting stuck turning left at red lights happens very often, I used to scoot up and hope a car behind me would trip the light or just run the light. There are few products out that claim to do what this one does, and so far it has yet to fail me. My friend found it on kickstarter or go to the youtube video here Road Chameleon

  • Created 22 September 2014 16:15 by kybikerguy
  • Last comment 8 days ago ago by eatcs01

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Need to get some new gloves as my current ones are worn out. Been looking for a short cuff glove this time and although I've been browsing all day I still am looking! So far I like the look for the Knox Orsa and Alpinestars Celer gloves, got a budget of about %XA380 and want something worth the money. Was thinking about the Knoxs' because they don't have velcro.

  • Created 03 August 2014 01:36 by Baver96
  • Last comment 8 days ago ago by kling

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suzuki gp 125 help!!!

Hi all I'm new here so bare with. Iv just bought a suzuki gp 125 1984. The person I got it from put a new electronic stator in it and that was it. Bought the bike as I none runner so I'm wanting to put original magneto and points back in it but can't find the for sale anywhere can anyone point me in the rite direction? ? Will a ts 125 magneto fit because I can find plenty of them. Cheers

  • Created 22 September 2014 19:09 by stan89

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how to remove the cat c marker?

Hi all,i recently had a accident and the insurance wrote the bike off as a cat c, they paid out minus salvage costs so i could keep the bike, i have since repaired the bike and had a fresh mot put on now looking to sell it but the dvla say there is no marker on it but the hpi check shows it as a cat c write off on the date of the accident.what is the correct way to get rid of this marker or sell it with the marker?thanks in advance for your time.cheersshaun

  • Created 18 September 2014 14:40 by scorrer11
  • Last comment 9 days ago ago by Dabbsy

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Somebody Help! Starting troubles!

Hi, I'm new to MCN but feel like I might get a half decent answer from here; local bike garage keeps fobbing me off...I have a Kymco KR Sport 125 - please dont roll your eyes, I'm saving for a big boy bike! Throughout the summer I have no issues starting her up, even at the crack of dawn. When the slightly colder mornings hit, I have a great trouble turning her over! Checked the battery to be shown 12.4V on my voltmeter. All electrics work, just immense trouble starting. The motor will spin a few times and sound promising, ...

  • Created 20 September 2014 21:34 by KimmyKR
  • Last comment 9 days ago ago by KimmyKR

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cbt test awful

Had the worst cbt test today. Never riden on my own apart from little practice in private land. Everyone (3 others) did great but boy didnt the instructors let that be known. I went on the road and I thought I was doing great but he said I had to go back because he wanted to deal with the other girl and get her certificate done :'( I am heart broken. I love bikes im just a little nervous sometimes,  im hurting really bad and also one guy said cos im a woman im crap!!!!!!!! Worst day of my life ...

  • Created 21 September 2014 18:52 by cazclaydon
  • Last comment 9 days ago ago by gingerB

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agv helmet visor seal

hy all I need help ive purchased a agv chicken helmet about 2 year ago which ive only covered about 5k miles and iv always had wind passing through visor which causes my eyes to water and annoying , ive contacted agv and they pretty much said throw it away and buy a new one , is there anywhere I can purchase some seals they just look like they stick on cheers ste

  • Created 21 September 2014 15:53 by dye29
  • Last comment 9 days ago ago by eatcs01

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Replacement Fairing

I'm having trouble replacing the fairing on my ZRX1200S, is there any fairings that will fit my ZRX without too much modifying?

  • Created 18 September 2014 22:28 by THFC2807
  • Last comment 11 days ago ago by THFC2807

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Oil leak between head and engine

Hi. I'm not sure about all the correct terms etc but here goes.I have a xr 125 with 16000km on the clock. It has a kind of oil leak between the upper part of the engine and the lower part. what can cause this? how do i fix it (if possible) and does it damage my engine if i leave it like that?In this image the leak would be just above the spark plug's black connector.!

  • Created 18 September 2014 14:33 by KelperHonda
  • Last comment 11 days ago ago by ranorthe

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written off

Hi, I have just done an hpi check on a bike that I won on eBay and due to collect on Sunday and it has com back as written off. The seller claims to have owned the bike for 10 years and that matches the report. I have told him I was going to do the check and that I need a picture of the van on the frame of the bike and issue date of the v5 to register the guarantee. He seems willing to comply but I have not yet told him about my findings. What could written ...

  • Created 18 September 2014 15:22 by rowmadcon
  • Last comment 12 days ago ago by rowmadcon


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