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Decisions, decisions

Howdy,I'm looking at getting a bike when I return to the UK (currently out in Cyprus and I wouldn't dream of riding regularly here as I don't have a deathwish!!)I'm 6ft 8 and trying to make my mind up as to what kind of bike I want. Budget isn't too much of a drama, but i'm stuck between getting an Adventure/Sit-up-and-beg bike or a cruiser/bagger/chopper/custom?I've managed to narrow my shortlist down to 19 bikes (9 adventure bikes and 10 cruisers), oh, and I need to be able to out-do my Dad on his Yamaha XVS 1300!Any fellow lanky-riders out there ...

  • Created 16 August 2014 21:00 by Medic7
  • Last comment 20 days ago ago by Dabbsy

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Handy tool for the club racer

 Bar Alignment Tool

  • Created 03 September 2014 12:06 by kcmc

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kawasaki 750 ZXR

Me streetfighter with R1 tail unit few mods.Im having a few probs wi the running shes popping and sounds like shes running on 3 cylinders when i hit 7 grand its ok but its still not good need a cdi if any one has one?and i have a zzr 600 goes like stink mental bike. cCheers..

  • Created 02 September 2014 20:11 by tinker65
  • Last comment 20 days ago ago by kcmc

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weight issue

not sure if i am in the right forum but I have a motorhome which i carry a innova 125 on a bespoke rack which i have just had modified and with weight limits etc I can now carry a bike up to around 140- 150 kg max. I dont really fancy a KTM 390 but would really like something like a new F650GS BMW. Do you think its possible somehow to lose about 30kg or so from the current weight or can anyone suggest something else and i dont mean " buy a trailer". There is me and my ...


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New style licence query

I passed my motorcycle test in June this year, As I'm 21, I could only get the A2 licence. Anyway, I ace the test as I knew I would and sent my licence off, and a few weeks later my new style licence, like the one seen here arrived in the post and I noticed something a little odd about it.On the back, you have all of the vehicle categories, and the dates from which you are qualified. I achieved my A2 on 26.06.14, however, A which is for the full unrestricted licence is also stamped with 19.01.13, this is ...

  • Created 03 September 2014 11:17 by Stokesie

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Tyre pressures

I've just bought a new Honda CBR650f with Dunlop Sportsmax D222 fitted as standard. Having had the bike a few days I checked the tyre pressures and found the front to be 34psi and the rear to be 38psi.  This was below the recommendations in the handbook so I pumped them up to 36psi ans 42psi as quoted.  At these pressures the bike doesn't handle as well and the back wheel seems 'skittish' and harsh over bumps.  I've dropped the pressures back down to 36psi front and 38psi rear and the bike feels much better.  Am I safe to do ...

  • Created 02 September 2014 08:16 by Tulstyman
  • Last comment 21 days ago ago by bryfor59

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Hastings - Total Loss, lowball offer

Hi guys and girls. I can only apologize for my first post being a needy desperate plea rather than an introduction, but since I no longer have a bike anyway...Basically, my mint 8000 mile '53 plate blue SV1000S with Devil Trophy cans (hugger, undertray) was sadly destroyed by my garage catching fire in a spectacular fashion nearly 7 weeks ago. Hastings have made their second and final offer of %XA32,900 which apparently they are not willing to increase. Now the problem is, I cannot even begin to find another in the same condition for that money, at least, not within ...

  • Created 15 August 2014 22:45 by demonufo
  • Last comment 21 days ago ago by Blader2005

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ZX9R C1 gearbox

Hi all.. Got a problem with 5th gear on my 98 zx9.  Drops out constantly, now have to try and skip 5th altogether,  After searching i find its a common problem and there are fixes... My main question is.. Do i need to strip entire engine to get to gearbox, or can I get to it easily?  Got no mechanical knowledge whatsoever, but love my quakker and will have a go!  Any help greatly appreciated.

  • Created 01 September 2014 12:50 by littlerick
  • Last comment 22 days ago ago by Meatbingo

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CBR 600 98 mid range power loss

Hi all, I have a Honda CBR 600 1998 (F3) which is suffering with mid range power loss, bogging etc. Symptoms:Riding the bike at speeds over 30 and as soon as you hit 5500 RPM it just boggs down and looses power until about 6500, 7k when were back on the power. I have replaced, plugs, air and fuel filter and even had my local bike shop strip, clean and Ballard the carbs. Battery seems fine as it churns over for ages if required. Exhaust has a slight blow top of manifold but bike shop told me that is not bad enough to cause this issue.Any ideas on what ...

  • Created 02 February 2011 16:25 by snap1
  • Last comment 23 days ago ago by Dixie68

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Suzuki GT750 with seized motor.

Hi everyone,I have recently acquired a 1975 Suzuki gt750. but the engine has seized due to lack of interest in riding it. I want to replace the motor and gearbox and put in a more efficient setup. does any one have any recommendations of what will fit and what is compatible?Thanks everyone! love this site!!!

  • Created 27 August 2014 13:58 by robbi8012
  • Last comment 24 days ago ago by mirloXXbob


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