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Rear Suspension bush has excessive play

Hi all,my k2 SV650s has just failed it's MOT due to this excessive play. The guy at the garage was rubbish and had no useful information except 'it may be just a nut that need tightening'. My question is this - is this likely to be an issue I can solve myself with a tool kit and day off, or do I need to book it in and spend?the handling has not felt particularly different since I bought it, though it's done 12k this year and it's my first bike so I have no comparison!Any advice gratefully received :-)

  • Created 13 May 2013 21:33 by jmccomas
  • Last comment 2 years ago ago by smidget

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rear end problem

Ive been trying to adjust my suspension settings as the bike never feels as sharp and precise/predictable as i want it to be but one serious fault ive been trying to tune out is a problem at the back end ive noticed going through fast slight bends when on the power and leaned over just a little the back end will start bobbing up and as someones jumping up and down on the end of the bike, this is at the manufacturers recommended settings tryed stiffening the damping and compression but get the same issue any advice??? 

  • Created 04 May 2013 12:20 by srmccrea91
  • Last comment 2 years ago ago by Dabbsy

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GSF 600 Forks compatiability

Hi, Hoping some one can help, my front forks on my 2004 gsf 600 bandit are rusted and could prob do with swapping. I put 30k on her this year, I can not find any k4 forks on ebay and a like, but can find tones of K1 forks, I was just woundering how compatble they are? Are the widths and such the same and the mountings for brake discs?Or Do I need to wait get my self some K4 ones?Thanks

  • Created 29 April 2013 14:45 by WesleyJ
  • Last comment 2 years ago ago by smidget

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I have a front end knock which I cannot find the sourse of.  When I am riding in slow traffic it is most noticable.I have fitted new brake pads and had new head race bearings fitted, but still no solution.  My fork seals and new fork oil were replaced reletively recently too.I am being told this is common, and it may be something to do with my fork internals.Can you help?

  • Created 16 April 2013 10:36 by lar1852
  • Last comment 2 years ago ago by Nippy N

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What brake discs ??

I have a 2004 R1 as standard (ish)Im thinking of replacing the discs, pads and hoses for something better.Im not a hardcore track day nutter just a Sunday rider of sorts so i dont want to spend a fortune.  That being said i would like to notice a difference.What should i look for ? Any particular brands to go for or any to avoid?And whats the idea of the wavy disc?Neil

  • Created 24 April 2013 08:07 by neilyp
  • Last comment 2 years ago ago by eatcs01

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Parity with cars ?

Why are motorcycle parts so bloody expensive, when compared with car parts ? I own an FJR 1300, and was quoted, wait for it..........%XA3884.34p for a genuine oem rear shock !!!! Even after market shocks come in around %XA3450 !!!! Nice one least Dick Turpin wore a fookin mask.

  • Created 30 March 2013 00:15 by LEO61
  • Last comment 2 years ago ago by Dabbsy

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Honda CBF 500 ABS 2008 rear suspension

Hey there,I wanted to adjust my rear suspension yesterday to position 4 from 3 to make it a little harder as i carry a pillion I checked in the handbook and also a mechanic showed me quickly how to do it and theoreticaly I should hook in the spanner and turn, job done.... now when i started turning it was quite hard and after couple minutes trying i manged to turn just that not the adjustment bit turned  but the whole suspension started turning i was wondering if this is going to be a major issue or if ...

  • Created 16 April 2013 06:45 by DeSchu
  • Last comment 2 years ago ago by jaffa90

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peugeot speedfight no tick over

 hi out there hope you are getting enough riding in the british summer. anyway bought a peugeot speedfight 2 100cc as a little money maker fixed body work but engine takes a long time to start and when it does it smokes like a trooper and will not tick over no matter what i do with idle or mixture screw. i have fitted a new piston and rings cylinder ok  new plug ad oil pump checked and jets cleaned out  checked crank no play either way any help would be good and who said two strokes easy ...

  • Created 23 August 2012 20:08 by davepoole
  • Last comment 2 years ago ago by davepoole

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Poorly rf600r rear shock!

Hi folks ive just noticed the rear shock on my rf600 is leaking oil(quite a bit) obviously not going to ride it much ,but ive been looking on the net and am staggerd that i can only find hagon rear shocks for this at an eye watering %XA3300!!!(bike only worth %XA3900) where am i going wrong are ther any alternatives or is a case of stump up or just get rid of bike, any advic eis appreciated.

  • Created 24 February 2013 17:47 by tetley74
  • Last comment 2 years ago ago by eatcs01

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different length forks?

So I rode my bike home the other day and immediately noticed that the wheel was out of line with the bars, so after checking it out and gingerly riding home. i found out that the left front fork is strangely longer than the right by about 1cm. they were fine riding in in the morning. and it was just sat in the car park all day.  what could have caused this and what can i do about it? oh yeah and there doesnt seem to be any fluid leaking out of either fork

  • Created 15 December 2012 14:46 by oliverc
  • Last comment 2 years ago ago by kcmc


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