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Zx6r forks?

Hi all I have a few ques about my bike.I have a 97 F3 and it's purely for track use. Originally I had loads of trouble with poor brakes and brake fade. So I got pads, hoses and a better MC.This all sorted the breaks but now the forks bottom out under medium to hard breaking.Now as there 15 years old and I'd asume they've never even had new oil I wan give them an over haul.So what type of springs shud I go for linear or progressive?What weight spring should I go for?What make? Prices range from 80 -120 ...

  • Created 08 May 2012 10:44 by ging6996
  • Last comment 2 years ago ago by ging6996

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Front spring upgrade

I want to uprate the front fork springs on my FJR1300A (2008 plate).  The brand names I've heard of don't do replacement uprated springs for my year of bike.  Can anyone recommend a brand to go for?

  • Created 14 April 2012 11:36 by Tulstyman
  • Last comment 3 years ago ago by jaffa90

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hi all new to this so be patienti have a kawasaki ZX-9R W reg 24500 milesi have had my licience almost a year now and would like to take the wife out for a spin on the bike, we are both a little over weight me being the bigger, and i was wondering if there is a max weight the bike will take dont want to get rid of the bike but will i have to get something more suitable for us bothplease help


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XS250 hardtail

Hi.....I have an XS250 project on the go at the moment.I'm aiming for an ultra stripped down,no nonsense little bike,along the lines of a cafe bike.My question is,could I remove the rear shocks and weld the swing arm into a permenant position,using gussets for extra support,to create a rigid frame and lose the rear shocks??I could go down the weld-on rear end route,but i'm keen to keep the current lines of the bike rather than end up with a "traditional" chopper.I suppose my real question is,will welding the swingarm permanantly in position seriously affect the handling of the bike or ...

  • Created 08 April 2012 09:06 by dodger0129
  • Last comment 3 years ago ago by ally600

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RS 125 aprilia

well my nice 11yr old rs125 has passed its MOT, only advisory was the rear suspension has got  a lack of dampening.I will have to buy a new rear shock, but i was looking at a Hagon its double the price of the OEM aprilia 1 but you can obviously replace parts in them if they go wrong next time, but as being a rs125 it would prob out last the bike. Or do i just buy an aprilia 1 from a stealer as to be fair the orginal has done 10k miles+ and lasted the 11 years of life its ...

  • Created 01 June 2011 22:06 by Project90
  • Last comment 3 years ago ago by Project90

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Front Forks lacquer worming

Hi, my Triumph Speedmaster suffers with lacquer worming problems on the lower forks, top yoke & risers they have been changed 5 times under warranty but the worming keeps coming back, the warranty is almost out and I don't want to be left with this worming - is there anything I can do like remove the lacquer and just polish the aluminium them or maybe get them chromed?Thanks

  • Created 26 January 2010 21:02 by kellyt
  • Last comment 3 years ago ago by welshman3

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Suzuki GSX750F Forks

Due to a leaking oil seal, I am in the process of refurbishing the forks on my GSX750F.  I have performed all the steps up to separating the slider & fork tube.  Unfortunately, I am unable to separate them as every time I slide the fork tube it 'sticks' at the top of the slider as if the lower bush is going inside the upper bush, instead of hitting against it.  I have tried warming the slider using a rag soaked in hot water as described in the Clymer manual but to no avail.I would be grateful if anyone can ...

  • Created 20 March 2012 06:48 by howiedb
  • Last comment 3 years ago ago by kcmc

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Rear Shock RS125 aprilia

Hi just wondering if you can tell me if all the rear shocks are the same for the RS125,I have a 99/V reg RS125 and looking at replacment shock off ebay, there are some new ones and some used 1's as you can imagine but off different years.So do the units vary across age or would i need to know some sort of measurement?many thanks hope you can help

  • Created 18 March 2012 18:07 by Project90

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Wibers Federbein

Anyone used suspension from this company?They do a shock for my g650 x country and after a nice long run on crap roads with it doing its thing where it bottoms out and kills your back I'm considering it.I've looked into setting it up right but it's apparently a big problem with the OE part.

  • Created 24 February 2012 21:28 by philehidiot
  • Last comment 3 years ago ago by fogie

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r1200 gs rear shock

i have a 08 r1200gs adventure with esa. the rear shock absorber is leaking which i can get overhauled but am being told this may need to be recoded to the bike anyone know if this is right ? and if so what do they do, is it something i could do ? i dont have the %XA31200 plus labour that bmw want to do it (ouch)

  • Created 20 February 2012 20:13 by andgsxr


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