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steering damper

zx6r b1h needs one badly. shakes it head over cats eyes and geting on the power out of turns is fun if you like stained undies. anybody recommend one and are they difficult to fit? 

  • Created 22 July 2012 10:46 by micepunk
  • Last comment 3 years ago ago by micepunk

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up jet

i up jetted my 50cc nrg mc3 air cooled bike from a 60 to a 72 and it was running fine not bogging or backfiring but i was riding about with a mate for about 3 hours and then it just started to backfire and a major loss of power any ideas at all?


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Lower ER6F Ride Height

My missus has recently joined me in the biking family and purchased herself a nice 2011 ER6F.She stands 5'6" but cannot put both feet down when at a stand.she is comfortable on the bike but feels if it could be lowered slightly she would feel better when stationary.Spoke to our local Kwak dealer but they just wanted to sell us a %XA3225 seat and offered no other suggestions. Any advice offered would be most grateful. cheers.

  • Created 25 June 2012 07:52 by madcyril1
  • Last comment 3 years ago ago by Andy949494

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Track handling problem

I have a CBR600FV I'm learning to track ride on. I have noticed a behaviour when exiting turns hard. When I get on the throttle hard while still leant over a lot I get a wavering feeling from the back. It's as if the swingarm has suddenly developed a lot of flex and is gently swaying from side to side, which is half up and down as the bike is leant over. It's quite a slow movement maybe 3 to 4 times a sec. If I ease off the throttle a little or reduce lean a little it goes away. ...

  • Created 04 June 2012 16:33 by ianp5uk
  • Last comment 3 years ago ago by ianp5uk

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how interchangeable?

I have an 04 gfs 600 bandit, and the front falks are damged, so was thinking of replacing them. I know some who has gsf1200 05 front forks, and was woundering if these would fit, or are the brake brackes ride hight ect going to be all wrong?

  • Created 20 June 2012 13:46 by WesleyJ
  • Last comment 3 years ago ago by WesleyJ

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rgv250 suspension

After reading the article in MCN about the KR1S, it inspired me to revisit my first love. An RGV250 M 1992. I have purchased a lovely example and I intend to do a few track days on it. What shall I modify on the suspension. Re spring the front and buy a new rear shock, or junk it and fit something from a modern bike. I have seen someone advertising a complete R6 set up modified to fit. What to do!

  • Created 22 May 2012 12:57 by reecergv
  • Last comment 3 years ago ago by Dabbsy

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Zx6r forks?

Hi all I have a few ques about my bike.I have a 97 F3 and it's purely for track use. Originally I had loads of trouble with poor brakes and brake fade. So I got pads, hoses and a better MC.This all sorted the breaks but now the forks bottom out under medium to hard breaking.Now as there 15 years old and I'd asume they've never even had new oil I wan give them an over haul.So what type of springs shud I go for linear or progressive?What weight spring should I go for?What make? Prices range from 80 -120 ...

  • Created 08 May 2012 10:44 by ging6996
  • Last comment 3 years ago ago by ging6996

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Front spring upgrade

I want to uprate the front fork springs on my FJR1300A (2008 plate).  The brand names I've heard of don't do replacement uprated springs for my year of bike.  Can anyone recommend a brand to go for?

  • Created 14 April 2012 11:36 by Tulstyman
  • Last comment 3 years ago ago by jaffa90

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hi all new to this so be patienti have a kawasaki ZX-9R W reg 24500 milesi have had my licience almost a year now and would like to take the wife out for a spin on the bike, we are both a little over weight me being the bigger, and i was wondering if there is a max weight the bike will take dont want to get rid of the bike but will i have to get something more suitable for us bothplease help


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XS250 hardtail

Hi.....I have an XS250 project on the go at the moment.I'm aiming for an ultra stripped down,no nonsense little bike,along the lines of a cafe bike.My question is,could I remove the rear shocks and weld the swing arm into a permenant position,using gussets for extra support,to create a rigid frame and lose the rear shocks??I could go down the weld-on rear end route,but i'm keen to keep the current lines of the bike rather than end up with a "traditional" chopper.I suppose my real question is,will welding the swingarm permanantly in position seriously affect the handling of the bike or ...

  • Created 08 April 2012 09:06 by dodger0129
  • Last comment 3 years ago ago by ally600


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