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Ship to Vladivostok with us

May have put this in the wrong place before copy and paste link below! Thanks


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Cochem to Schenkenzell (Black Forest)

My wife and I are planning a tour for next year and will be riding from Klotten, near Cochem to Schenkenzell in the Black Forrest. We don't want to ride motorways all the way. Has anyone got any good routes?


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 I am due to go abroad this year and am soon to get an International driving permit... on the actual permit does the Catergory A just get stamped no matter whether A1/A2 or full A? how does it show the difference on the IDP? or does it not? and thats what the UK licence will clarify? 


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Assen GP 2014

Hi all, first time going to Assen. The ferry from Newcastle is booked and also a hotel about 1 mile outside of Assen itself. A few questions if anyone can help, the official tickets are not released yet but i have noticed other websites selling them. Are these safe? When will the official website be likely to release the tickets? We are planning general viewing Thur and Fri and a grandstand on the Saturday, any recommendations? Is Groningen worth a trip for a couple of beers and can you easily get there from Assen? Thanks for any feedback

  • Created 08 December 2013 23:10 by toonleigh09
  • Last comment 100 days ago ago by Dabbsy

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Route builder - feedback wanted

Hi All,We've been working on building a new, bike specific route builder over the past few months. The BETA version went live a week or so ago, and we'd very much like some testers and guinea pigs to try it out, break it and generally let us know how you got on with it please.Any volunteers?> MotogoLoco route builder is here> Feedback / comments link is hereThere are a couple of bugs we already know about and are working on fixes for, but we really want 'this worked, this didn't, I liked this, I hated that' ...

  • Created 25 September 2013 12:29 by MotoGoLoco
  • Last comment 147 days ago ago by wynner

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Touring Magazines

Does anyone have a favorite touring magazine ??I've subscribed to superbike for years but have cancelled that now as I'm getting tired about hearing how to get your knee down etc, etc.My interest these days is more towards touring bikes and specifically european trips.Any recommendations ?? CheersDutch


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Helmet stickers in France

Has anybody got any more information on the French requirement for reflective stickers on helmets?Can you buy them in the UK yet?I was always told that stickers on a helmet would adversely effect the helmet.I'm off soon any information would be helpful.


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Moto GP Tickets

I would like to attend a foreign GP meeting next year, not Assen, maybe Brno, where is the best place to get advanced tickets from, or is it better to pay on the day. ??


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Can the hornet go off road?

Hello, i have riding for a year, and i think it is time to upgrade my suzuki s40. I have a few bikes in mind, such as the cb 600f and BMW's F 650 gs. Now i'm really eager to get the hornet, however i fear it won't be able to handle any bad roads.  I live in Pakistan, and the northern areas are beautiful, however it is painstaking to access them. The roads are unpaved as the altitude increases, there are numerous debris scattered all over the routes, the roads are extremely narrow, and don't have any side rail. ...

  • Created 15 October 2013 09:18 by steelclan
  • Last comment 183 days ago ago by jaffa90

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Route suggestions in Turkey?

Hii everyoneI am planing to make a tour in Turkey. Anyone suggest a route?thank you


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