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can anyone recommend some adjustable rearsets for a 2010 R1 that aren't going to break the bank? I need the adjustability more than anything as its too cramped for me as standard.

  • Created 03 July 2014 13:31 by gavinb9

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I have a brand new cbr600f and am finding that after only a reletively short journey, I am getting tingling in both hands to the point where they are almost numb. Have you come across this on othewr bikes and what was the cure. I have ridden many bikes in the past and have never had this before. I have experienced discomfort from sorty bikes but never a loss of feeling in hands.

  • Created 02 July 2014 10:45 by lpgpro
  • Last comment 57 days ago ago by smidget

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Are the Yoshimura R55 full exhaust systems road legal?

Hello all,Can someone please help me!!!I am looking to buy a Suzuki GSX-R600 K8. I seem to have found the perfect one! All original and mint condition. However, the owner has had the original exhaust taken off and replaced it with a full yoshimura  r55 exhaust system (Japan not USA) I have some concerns.A: I assume the insurance company will need to know? (as I guess it is classed as a performance extra)and more importantlyB: Is it going to be road legal?The last thing I want is to be getting pulled over every time I go out on it!! 

  • Created 27 June 2014 12:50 by pxl3

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Ooooow thats let go

Never seen a two stroke single go pop that big, got to have snapped a rod?

  • Created 24 June 2014 18:22 by kcmc
  • Last comment 64 days ago ago by eatcs01

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Grinding noise

Hi all I was wondering if anyone can help???I have a 2005 suzuki sv1000s. I am getting a grinding noise when I change down through the gears and when I throttle off?? It started only on the lower gears but very quickly started doing the same in every gear! I would be very greatful if someone could help?? Thanks


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Mod 1 Fail - Nerves killing me

HiEpic Fail on Mod 1 test for the third time today. 1st test put foot down on U Turn, 2nd and 3rd I missed cones on the slalom cos I didn't keep my head up.In the training yard I can do slaloms and U Turns time after time with no errors. On the test nerves kill me and that's it! I've booked test 4 but crisis of confidence looming.Any ideas out there how I can deal with this?Cheers.

  • Created 24 March 2014 20:33 by Camberlin
  • Last comment 77 days ago ago by NickR85

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Rammed by cage driver

Went out last week on my GSX1400 was riding steady overtook a grey Honda CRV in a 50 doing about 40 and it pisss this guy off to the extent he tailgates me about 12" behind flashing his lights a nd giving me the coffee bean shuffle,,I ignore his stupidity up to the point that he will not back off as the car slows in front I brake he brakes and when we pull away he steams up behind me again I gesture him to back off and this is like red rag to a bull he floors it and ...

  • Created 08 June 2014 21:53 by guinea01
  • Last comment 80 days ago ago by mirloXXbob

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Headlight wiring, HELP!!

Hey guys, I'm new here so any help is very appreciated. I have recently bought a headlight off the internet and the wiring colours on the headlight are completely different to my bikes wiring, I was hoping if someone could make some seance of it to me please I will include photos of my Haynes wiring diagram and the headlight wiring. Thanks!My bike is a yamaha xt125xAnd as you can see in the pictures the headlight unit had a dip light and a headlight with separate wiring; green, white, brown and blue. There's a green cable that come from each ...

  • Created 08 June 2014 23:25 by DionJones
  • Last comment 80 days ago ago by DionJones

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Easy access valve extension for checking and inflating tyres.

I bought a simple little device from Amazon recently which has made tyre pressure checks much less awkward, so I thought I would recommend it here.Flexi connectorWhen you need it you screw it onto the tyre valve so the other end is much more accessible.The photo shows it in the middle with my Maplins mini-compressor and Draper analogue gauge with hold/release valve. I've tried all sorts over the years but this is the best combo so far.


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86 vs700 won't turn over

i have a 86 suz vs700 intr. and i put on my starter relay and did not notice that one wire came off the one side and touched over to the other side so when i turned the key and went to start the bike it was smoking towards the bottom left side so i took off the neg batt cable quickly. i saw the wire and put it where it was suppose to go and tried it again and the starter wouldn't stop turning over.i noticed the relay was broken so i bought a new starter relay put in ...


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