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useless police strike again

police knocked on door this morning looking for a car he said 1st then when i told him the reg was for a bike he said  insurance details for the bike im riding,saying bike has knocked off car a mirror with handle bar or some thing else yesturday,i replied bike not out on saturday he replied oh 3 weeks ago sorry,told him bikes not hit anything as it would of knocked rider off and he could see bike to look at it, he said no need to see it,looked at insurance cert took policy number and my name then asked ...


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Rejecting a new bike..

Where do you stand legally if you reject a brand new motorcycle after riding it for a while.For example, my understanding is that under the sale of goods act, the goods must be fit for purpose and if they are not you are within your rights to return them.In this case, I have had a brand new motorcycle with an intermittent cut out. Clearly I must ride it to see if the fault is fixed, and I had some usage out of it before refusing, BUT, in my mind the goods were faulty from the start. As such, can the manufacturer ...

  • Created 22 May 2014 12:19 by Nevvyn
  • Last comment 99 days ago ago by philehidiot

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KTM corrosion warranty issues

I need some advice on my best approach. I bought a new KTM last September. I rode it until end November (3800 miles) then garaged up until March. When I took it out in March I washed it after a week and lots of paint came off the exhaust, it was badly rusted. I complained to the dealer and they agreed it would be covered under warranty. I noticed some other rust over the next few weeks on the rear spring and luggage racks. The dealer has just told me that KTM ...


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Turkey to UK

I have a Ducati which is registered in Dubai, my insurer here RSA does not offer cover outside the GCC. I am planning to fly my bike to Turkey and then travel across Greece, Italy, Switzerland, France & the UK. If I buy insurance at the Turkish border will it cover me all the way back to Scotland? I have tried to insure the vehicle via the UK but the insurers are telling me they cannot as the bike is registered in the UAE. Does anyone know the best way to go about this?

  • Created 18 May 2014 12:27 by pmacbeth

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Court Summons

Had my collar well and trully felt recently and due to the speeds involved the officer said it would have to be dealt with by a summons. That was 18 days ago. Does anyone know how long you would normally have to wait for a summons? I know with a nip notice from a camera etc its only 2 weeks.


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Section 172 RTA

I've been sent a letter by the "Collisions and Ticket Section, Criminal Justice Department"Specifically requesting:Insurance companypolicy numberpolicy start dateexpiry dateI crashed my bike shortly before several other vehicles crashed nearby. none of the vehicles hit me, I've contacted my insurance and they have assured me that there is no possibility I can be held at fault. I've spoken to the (Retarded) women at the  "Collisions and Ticket Section, Criminal Justice Department" and they have told me that there is no evidence to suggest I did anything illegal and they would not be pursuing a conviction.Why am I being asked for this ...

  • Created 28 April 2014 19:00 by Enemy172

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Honda PCX Centre Stand

Hi I bought my PCX 125 in Dec 2012, so it%X92s not even 18 months old and I have a problem with my centre stand. It%X92s extremely stiff, and no longer springs back as it should when taken off the stand. I've been told while the bikes in for a service that they need to replace a pin in the centre stand or possibly replace the ...

  • Created 23 April 2014 14:24 by dboyglw
  • Last comment 128 days ago ago by RoadieRoger

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Suzuki SV650 47bhp legal exhaust

Hello motorcycling world,I am new to all of this, so please be kind. Today I bought myself a 2008 Suzuki SV650 Sport which I will need to restrict to 47bhp to meet the new A2 licencing laws. I was thinking about buying myself an aftermarket slip on exhaust, simply to unleash the V-Twin sound.My concern is that fitting an aftermarket exhaust will bring the BHP above the legal 47bhp, therefore making it illegal to ride and making my insurance void. Can anybody give me anymore information about this please, like am I perhaps looking into this too deeply? Is there ...

  • Created 09 April 2014 20:20 by woodyr01
  • Last comment 141 days ago ago by woodyr01

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Please help..Claim problems.

Hi, I hope some one can help. My son was knocked off his motorcycle last year by a car pulling out to the right from a stationary line of cars waiting at a set of pedestrian crossing lights. He was not riding dangerously, he was not breaking any laws and his insurers/solicitors, after making him wait almost a year, have now said he is 70% responsible and if he does not accept their decision, they will no longer represent him. This is despite ...

  • Created 31 March 2014 19:56 by Allegedly
  • Last comment 144 days ago ago by ACIC

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mobil speed camera cert

Got notice of prosecution for 36mph which is the minimum they can do you for. Would it be worth asking them for the certs and calibration cert for the camera or would it make matters worse

  • Created 03 April 2014 15:42 by red123
  • Last comment 148 days ago ago by MarcusMarsh


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