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stolen bike excess

My sons YBR 125 was stolen on Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning from a friends back garden where he was spending the night, We went looking for this and found most of the front end plastic, wires and the contents of the back box it appears looks like it has been some kids that have been bored and wanted to wreck someones else 5 hours later we had not found the bike. We have reported it to the police straight away and they advised today that they wont be doing any CSI work on the parts that we have found due ...

  • Created 14 March 2014 18:26 by p3ntj
  • Last comment 223 days ago ago by philehidiot

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Need help with new reatrictor laws

Hi all. After riding without a license for a year or so i decided to get my license. I had to get an an2 license as i am only 23. Was plannin on gettn a restrictor "fitted" i just found out that i cannot put a reatrictor on my bike as it is an 05 r6. I dont understand why you cannot restrict a bike lyk that anymore? Any help? Or any ideas how to get round this? 

  • Created 12 March 2014 15:43 by Boyter
  • Last comment 225 days ago ago by Shaun25

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l plates

guys im a fairly well experianced rider in his forties..never had a bike license..tut tut..i have passed my cbt and am doing my module 1 very currently running about on an aprilia 125. i cant get insurance for a 600cc till i have full test done..i live in NI do i need to display L plates to keep the law happy..

  • Created 05 March 2014 21:45 by rockinhorse
  • Last comment 232 days ago ago by jaffa90

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New Drivers Act

Hi,I'm confused! I passed by bike test back in 2001 but only got my car licence last year.  According to the new driver act you can only get 6 points from the date you passed your test but does this apply to me as I got my bike licence before this came into effect. I've just got 3 points for speeding on the bike, does this mean I can only get another 3 before I lose my licence? Anyone know?Thanks

  • Created 28 February 2014 22:32 by MarcUttley
  • Last comment 236 days ago ago by robsot

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VAT and insurance claims

I was involved in an accident a while back and the insurance of the other party finally committed to paying out 80% of the damages quoted to my bike and clothes/helmet. No questions asked when it comes to the quote of my helmet and gloves but they wanted to see the repair bill for all the damages to my bike as otherwise they wouldn't be a able to refund me the VAT as they cannot claim this back? Does this make sense? This more or less implies that if I were to buy the parts myself after a payout I wouldn't ...

  • Created 20 February 2014 13:53 by Duccie

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Pile up liability.

So I came off my bike in very heavy hail on a dual carriageway - rear wheel lost traction and I low sided.A car that was behind me swerved to avoid my bike went into a spin because of the lack of traction and thus a pile up insued.No cars hit my bike and I didn't hit any cars. There was a seperate crash very close by at almost the same time in the same conditions.Ref :   A police officer on the scene said i may be held liable for the incident and potentially could face charges and ...

  • Created 10 February 2014 12:59 by Rotop
  • Last comment 254 days ago ago by ACIC

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overtaking on double white line

Last week I overtook a whole line of cars standing still on Hammersmith Grove. Unfortunately for me there were 2 things I had not noticed:1) a police car amongst the cars being stuck in traffic and not moving2) a double white line to mark the separation between one way car traffic and a bicycle laneabout 200 yards later I came to a stop at a traffic light at the Hammersmith roundabout and heard a police siren. A traffic police officer then told me that I had crossed a double white line and gave me a penalty charge notice for %XA3100 ...

  • Created 10 December 2013 20:58 by mdugimont
  • Last comment 274 days ago ago by hcr63

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I am due to go abroad this year and am soon to get an International driving permit... on the actual permit does the Catergory A just get stamped no matter whether A1/A2 or full A? how does it show the difference on the IDP? or does it not? and thats what the UK licence will clarify? 


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i am building a costom R6 but haveing problems with finding a small headlight that will pass mot

I am using race fairings as mock up for nose cone but want full MOT for road use any one know of any small spot lights that could be used in the fairing instead of originals thank you ROB

  • Created 10 January 2014 12:03 by robertC725

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insurance tell me it's 50/50

hi had a accident 3 months ago and the insurance is now saying it's going to be a 50/50 liability.Which i'm not to happy about.i was filtering by stationary traffic about 15 mph (was on a bright yellow motorbike and also had a bright yellow helmet on) when a car pulled out the car park on the left taking me out never had a chance to brake.on the police report he states that the lorry waved him out and i had come out of ...

  • Created 04 January 2014 11:13 by ducattigezzer
  • Last comment 289 days ago ago by ACIC


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