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Hit and run

I was involved in a hit and run last June 2012, slow moving traffic when a young driver not concentrating rear-end me at 10-15mph.  He left in a hurry without stopping.  Luckily I could follow to were the driver dumped his car. I called for police assistance and did not approach the driver, whilst on the phone to the police the drivers mate turns up to pick him up, so I give the police details of both cars, reg etc as they leave the dumped car.  The insurance process begins, but the car owner fails to respond to any correspondence, ...

  • Created 02 January 2014 16:10 by Doc99
  • Last comment 188 days ago ago by Doc99

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oulton park road traffic accident

Joined:Aug 06Posts: 2

Created 21 December 2013 22:33 by coombyzed
  • Last comment 198 days ago ago by ACIC
  • spikeleeming

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    CAT 4 Damaged

    I traded my bike in at a dealer for another bike intending to keep it for a while but as you do I started looking at other bikes and asked the new dealer for a trade in quote he HPI checked my current bike and told me it was cat 4 damaged which i was completely unaware of as the dealer i purchased it from never informed me. I am now unsure of where i stand, the new dealer won't accept it for a trade in and i really don't want it now. I have yet to speak to the ...


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    Liability disputed!!

    Hi All,Just a quick query regarding a collision I had two months ago.I was shunted from behind whilst stationary at a set of lights on a roundabout by a HGV. As I approached the lights, I could see that the HGV at the front of the queue in lane 1, had left quite a gap between itself and the solid white stop line at the lights. I proceeded to the lights in lane two, which was empty, and then signalled to move into lane 1, the lane I wanted to be in, in front of the HGV. I positioned ...

    • Created 01 October 2013 13:26 by ChrisR6
    • Last comment 232 days ago ago by ACIC

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    Responsibility for highway repairs

    What do you do when the Highways Agency and local Council disagree about which one is responsible for a slip road that has a dangerous defect which would cause any biker a serious injury or death? For 5 months I have been 'bounced' from one t'other - each says the other is responsible and neither will do anything about the defect?

    • Created 07 November 2013 17:12 by oilyboots
    • Last comment 237 days ago ago by oilyboots

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    Claiming whiplash and damages from third party

    I had an accident in Summer and it seems its going to be 50-50. While the third party has claimed for whiplash and damages despite being in a car and it being a low speed collision and( it was I who fell down) I havent claimed for anything. I was hoping that there wouldn't be any claim but they decided to go for it. My insurance company has advised me to write to third partys insurer to claim for any damages and whiplash. How do I go about doing that? I didn't even see a GP because at that time it ...

    • Created 12 November 2013 13:04 by 33kerryhouse
    • Last comment 239 days ago ago by ACIC

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    how many bikes upset a radar ?

    A police officer with a hand held speed gun stopped me and claimed I was doing 88mph in a 60 zone, on a wide country lane. I was at the front of a group of 6 bikers.The traffic officer said I was doing 88mph and showed me this on his radar gun, I don't think I/we were doing 88mph. I know that just after the place I/we were stopped is a very tight bend and had this in mind. The officer stepped in the middle of the road and just gestured for me to stop, which we ALL did together, ...

    • Created 07 November 2013 22:15 by yoozy
    • Last comment 245 days ago ago by jaffa90

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    B Raods and Learners

    Just wanted to get your views on this.  My son just passed his CBT and only has a general knowledge and basic handling skills.  The course had him doing some pretty scary b roads over the moors - he came off and injured his neck pretty bad.  Should the instructors be doing such roads to pass a mod 1 and mod 2. Thanks Paul

    • Created 02 November 2013 12:20 by paulgis
    • Last comment 249 days ago ago by AdieR

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    New bike law

    New bike lawAfter passing my test on my 125cc Yamaha in July 2013 and receiving my licence back, the category on the back of my new licence shows I have a A1 and a ...


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    Claim against Council / Advice Please

    On the 27th May 2013, I had a motorcycle accident a local traffic island. When back to my feet, I noted that the reason for my accident was the road condition. The joint in the road had dropped leaving a void 5%X94 wide x 2%X94 deep by approx. 20 feet long. If your bike wheels goes in it, you%X92re going to crash. I put a claim into the appropriate Council for damages to my bike only. Although I had minor injuries not requiring ...

    • Created 24 October 2013 21:52 by ZulutheGixxa
    • Last comment 258 days ago ago by ACIC


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