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What black rubber doughnuts

do people like on a Kawasaki Ninja 250R (aka EX250) - the older ones with 16-inch wheels, that is?

  • Created 07 January 2014 02:58 by Piglet2010

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Light bike tyres

Is there a problem using tyres meant for heavier bikes on a light bike? Continental have said it should be fine but just wondering if anyone else has any experience with this?


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Pirelli Diablo Pothole wobbles

I ride an 05 blade and put ne diable rosso 2 on the front. after 70 miles I hit a pot hole in road and since then the bike wobbles when I stretch my arms at times as we do.   This is the second time this has happended with diablo tyres and is making me think twice about using pirellis ever again !! Bike tyres in Leeds checked it and sorted it now as it looked like the tyre may have moved on the rim !! but I am concerned that the diablo tyre while a good tyre ...

  • Created 12 July 2013 11:18 by sizzler
  • Last comment 103 days ago ago by CodyBackhaus

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1977 honda cb550 K3 tyre pressures

hi - I have fitted a new pair of avon road riders - what are the correct pressures please? - my old roadrunners were 28 front and 30 rearthanx


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R1 tyres

I'm in the market for some tyres for my 2010. I use it for weekend blasts and the odd trackday. I'd love some GP Racers, But ive got quite a low budget. For my money im looking at BT016 PRO or the old michelin pilot power 2CT. Which would be better, or can you recommend any others?

  • Created 18 November 2013 13:01 by gavinb9
  • Last comment 150 days ago ago by gavinb9

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Maxxis Supermax Diamond

Hi, just changed bikes recently and new one (secondhand) came with the above tyre's fitted, never ever used Maxxis before and also never seen bike tyres with tread type markings on the edge/shoulder (over first 1" to 1 1/2"), just wondering if anyone has tried these and if so how they found them for grip etc? 

  • Created 29 October 2013 16:33 by bryfor59

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ktm rc8r tyre size

i have a 2011 rc8r which I run a 190 rear on , but was thinking of changing it for a 180 as before this bike I aprilia tuono which I changed to 180 after someones advice and it did make it tip into corners quicker and then hold line better around corner. has anyone got any advice if I did it on the rc8r.ta.

  • Created 26 October 2013 07:38 by bravo9
  • Last comment 173 days ago ago by bravo9

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Tyre size's and choice

OK so my Suzuki bandit needs a new rear tyre so I looked  in my Haynes manual and it says I need a 160/60zr17 but at the moment its got a 160/70zr17 on and it been fine (it the first tyre change since buying) but I ride all year round and I was wondering if I should go back to the 160/60 or stay with the 160/70, also whats a good all year tyre, any help would be great thanks in advance


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cbr600fl jellymould tyres

Hey all I currently have 150/70 zr15 tyre on the rear of my bike and am about to change as it is starting to get to legal tread levels. I have seen a rear tyre that is in decent condition but it is 140/80zr17 now I know nothing about tyres but have been told that on my bike the 140 is maximum size I can get, the tyre I have on there seems to have cut into my rear hugger so I am guessing this is bad. My question is will the new tyre the 140 fit on the wheel of the ...

  • Created 18 October 2013 21:47 by KaiDekA
  • Last comment 182 days ago ago by jaffa90

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DRZ 400 S - replacement tyres

Hello. I own a DRZ 400 S and live in the UK. Could anyone advise replacement tyres to fit for 70 % road commute 30 % weekend forest trail use. Bridgstone have advised me that the Trail Wing tyre TW 41 80-100-21 is no longer available. I would prefer a similar style of tyre (not too aggressive on the knobblies) and hopefully the same manufacturer for the rear (currently TW 42 120-90-18) Many thanksSteve

  • Created 27 September 2013 09:06 by Bodderboy
  • Last comment 204 days ago ago by jaffa90


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