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FZ1S Tyre choice

My current rear tyre (Battlax R17) is coming up for renewal and I can't say that I'm that impressed with the grip, and especially not the wear.I commute daily in all weathers except snow, mostly on A roads about 200 miles per week, and am looking for tyre to suit, that's not hideously expensive.The bike is a 2008 model. All thoughts, advice very much appreciated.

  • Created 27 August 2013 10:45 by StableM
  • Last comment 318 days ago ago by StableM

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The effect of tread depth

I was looking at the new Shell fuel when I came across their advanced driving tips - one was on tyre tread depth and is quite startling:"When tyre tread depth falls below 3mm your braking performance deteriorates, according to research by MIRA Ltd.Tyres with a 3mm tread have a 25% better performance than those at the legal minimum of 1.6mm. In terms of stopping distance this represents an extra 8 metres, or 25 feet, in wet conditions. In one test, when a tyre with a tread depth of 8mm was compared to one with only 1.6mm, the stopping distance increased ...

  • Created 23 July 2013 19:01 by philehidiot
  • Last comment 320 days ago ago by steveb

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hi - right now I am thinking about trying different tyres - I used to really like the old bridgestones but last 5 yrs the sportier tyres all seem to me to have gone for a pointier profile (016 or 023 or 090s) which makes them feel a bit "on edge" on the road at least. dunlop 207-208s were nice on track but lethal cold. sportsmarts were ok but not as grippy as they are made out to be. I'd like a flatter profile less nervous but grippy tyre - any ideas anyone? many thanks. ian


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Fireblade 900 tyres

Just acquired a 97 Blade and have been trawling the net for the possible tyre options given the 16 inch front tyre. The current options are:Pirelli DiabloAvon VP2 SportBridgestone BTo16 ProContisport AttackDunlop Qualifier IIMichellin Pilot SportRide on Pilot Road 2s on a Fazer 600 which are great. Won't be doing track days. It will be for Spring/Summer riding. Don't want something that's going to wear out in 2k but want reasonable grip given the extra power of the Blade.Any suggestions from fellow Blade riders would be appreciated.


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Looking for the best Touring/commuting tyre for my 98 Pan European 1300. Dont know anything about the "latest" tech advances,so any advice or better still personal experience would help Many thanx  Paul


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What causes this, and is the tyre safe?

  • Created 11 June 2013 09:15 by tdog
  • Last comment 365 days ago ago by Richnotrich

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Hi, strange thing happened over last few days...was gonna go out on my bike over the weekend, took it off the paddock stand and saw the rear tyre was flat,(only rode it 2 days beforehand)so put it back on the stand and pumped it up to 32psi.Checked it that evening and psi was 32psi still,checked it over next two days and still 32psi, went for a little ride around town and when I got back 35 psi.....(tyres have green stuff in for over a year now)....any ideas.?

  • Created 08 May 2013 16:18 by PaulDutch
  • Last comment 366 days ago ago by PaulDutch

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Implications of changing tyre size

I have a 1992 GSX750F (standard OEM wheels fitted)and need to replace the tyres.The OEM  recommended tyre sizes are 110/80 R17 front, 150/70 R17. However there seems to b a very limited choice of 110/80 R17 front tyres available.The closest alternative sizes available are 110/70 or 120/70, both of which reduce the tyre circumference (the 120/70 by the least amount). Would it be possible to fit the wider 120/70 to the existing rim? Which of these sizes would be the best alternative? Is a change in tyre size something I would need to inform my insurance company of?Grateful for any advice.Howard

  • Created 12 July 2013 06:52 by howiedb
  • Last comment 366 days ago ago by howiedb

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Maxxis on ER5?

As I'm due for a tyre change on my ER5, a biker enthusiast recommended Maxxis. Apparently they are softer than most, thus gripping the road surface better?At the moment, I have Dunlop Arrowmax GT5011. At times, I am experiencing wheel slide, so can anyone also recommend Maxxis?

  • Created 03 July 2013 16:41 by Kev1949

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firestorm vtr 1000 wont start

hi i am new to this site and i need some advice i have a Honda firestorm vtr 1000f  which was working perfect i came to it this morning let the bike tick over to warm up and went out, during the day out when i stopped at junctions and lights the bike would cut out and then it would start up straight away. also while riding now and again a slight pop noise would come from under tank. i parked up at a friends house and came back to the bike about 2 hours later started it up rode ...

  • Created 30 June 2013 21:46 by joshj92


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