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Legal in the UK ACU or SNELL DOT

I have purchased a helmet from America which has the SNELL DOT sticker. I understand that it cannot be used on a track in the UK, but is it road legal?I would really appreciate if anyone had any definitive information or legal expertise.My research at the moment shows the following.

25 February 2011

Legal leg to stand on?

I bought a TDM850 from a bike shop (though sold without warrenty according to receipt)less than 2 weeks ago and whilst riding home from work tonight the engine blew. Do I have a "legal leg" to stand on as the bike now clearly appears to have been faulty and I don't expect to buy a bike which will not function any longer after less than 2weeks of normal use?

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  • 25 January 2011

Legal to ride 125cc in UK on NI Driving license?

Hi, I live in Northern Ireland and am learning to ride on a Driving (Car) license - its legal over here to buy a 125, insure as learner put L plates up and ride with no CBT test (there isnt one). IF I went on a weekend to Scotland would my NI license still allow me to ride a 125 without a CBT? As a tourist not a resident obviously.

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  • 30 July 2010

is my bike legal ???

six years ago i purchased an accident damaged CBR 600 rebuilt it and put it back on the road. it has since passed six m.o.ts and i now wish to sell the machine, so i did an HPI check and found that it had been recorded as a category B write off. what is the legal position if i wish to carry on riding it or if i wish to sell it?

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  • 16 May 2010

CRF250X Roal Legal? Help!

Hi all,I've just got new Honda CRF250X which has been registered for road use and is insured/numberplate etc. The bike came with only lights, not a brake light just front and back constant lights, no indicaters/horn/reflecters/speedo.Also are the tyres it comes with road legal?I have, searched online, rung VOSA, rung DVLA, and no one is able to give me a straight answer!!!I've heard that I don't need this and that but no two answers are alike!!!I've been riding it anyway but don't want to get fined or points really.Please can someone give me some straight answers? Please do not reply ...

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  • 18 March 2010

Free/Automatic legal Cover

If your insurance company includes so-called "free" legal cover do you have to accept the solicitors they nominate or can you still choose your own? I only ask because I specifically told my insurer that I wanted to be able to choose my own legal representative if necessary so didn't really want the free legal cover. He said to take the free cover anyway as it did not mean I had to use their nominated solicitor. Is he correct or am I being hoodwinked as there is no record other than a telephone conversation.

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  • 16 January 2010

Legal to ride with no license on a farm lane?

I'd like to know if it's legal to ride a small bike on farm tracks when you don't yet have a license or CBT. I recently attempted to get my CBT, but after a morning in the yard doing slow-speed maneuvers I came off the bike into the back of a car when going onto the roads for the first time. I'm 30 and effectively have no driving or riding experience at all. I had a handfull of lessons in a car when I was 17, and that's it. So before going back to complete the CBT I thought I should ...

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  • 26 July 2009

What is a road legal exhaust?

What is the legal dB of a motorbike exhaust? I have a harley Xr1200 ( no laughing its ace) and would like to fit the full race Termnogoni system with dB killers which drop it to 94dB. but there are no stamps on the silencers to say whether it is road legal or not. how would I stand it i get stopped by the police? anyone got any thoughts?  Ta

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  • 06 June 2009

Filtering - a legal opinion

The following opinion on filtering law has been supplied by Claims specialist Thomas Lawton.   Filtering - How it differs from an 'Overtake'.Contrary to the belief of some motorists, filtering is entirely legal in the UK, providing that it is done safely. Once traffic speeds are high enough to suggest that the traffic is no longer queuing, your manoeuvre may then be regarded as a dangerous overtake.Where is it illegal to filter?As with any manoeuvre, you must not cause danger or force other vehicles to alter course ...

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  • 22 April 2009

faulty road legal quad bike NEW

Hi, i recently bought a road legal quad bike 18,12,08 from a dealer advertising on ebay. I rec'd the bike on 18/12/08 and the bike has never worked.The dealer has sent 3 spare parts for the bike (baring in mind it is brand new) but still no joy.He has agreed to repair the bike BUT i have to send it back at my expense which will cost approx %XA3160 there nd back. He is complaining that he will be out of pocket, but i am already out of pocket by %XA3970.I would of thought it would be the sellers responsibility ...

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  • 23 January 2009


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