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Can you help ID my jacket???

I have been searching all over the internet to try and find out information about this coat!!! I can't find anything... Does anybody have any idea what company this coat came from? Please help!!!

  • Created 16 April 2014 03:37 by DLIONS71

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Sports wear

From where i can get sports wears?T-Shirt Printing London

  • Created 14 April 2014 14:21 by print123
  • Last comment 2 days ago ago by Beelady

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European Insurance & Breakdown Cover

Hi there,I'm Bruce... and new to this forum, so please bear with me if I'm asking something covered elsewhere.I'm planning a 2 month motorcycle trip through Europe this Summer (Spain, France, Italy, Croatia).Could somebody please tell me the best value UK bike insurance and breakdown insurance that will cover me in Europe for 2 months without breaking my bank?A few things you should know:1) I'm a UK citizen living in the Dominican Republic, with a UK address I can use for insurance purposes.2) I only need this insurance for the duration of my trip i.e. 2 months3) I currently don't ...


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KTM Duke not charging battery

Hi guys,I've got a charging problem with my KTM Duke 125. I was at traffic lights and a low battery warning came up on the screen and then the bike cut out. I tried bump starting it to no avail. Ended up trailering it home and charged the battery. I then tried to start it but there was an engine manangement warning light on the dash, it was 2 short flashes followed by 4 long flashes, ktm uk said its a battery voltage signal too low. I charged the battery up to around 13.6v put it on the bike and ...

  • Created 12 April 2014 13:36 by bigman10
  • Last comment 5 hours ago ago by jaffa90

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Which Exhaust and battery?

I've own my Repsol blade from new which is 3 years now and in that time sadly because it lives outside the stander exhaust has rusted quite badly so I've decided to treat the bike to a new exhaust, I liked the look of the carbon akrapovic slip on exhaust with link pipe that at the time I bought my bike some dealer were actually fitting for free but having looked into it this can is no longer available and to be honest the only akrapovic one that is comes in well over %XA31000 which is much more that I was thinking ...

  • Created 14 April 2014 19:08 by TOFFEE72
  • Last comment 2 days ago ago by bryfor59

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tyre warm up time

tyre reviews keep saying for instance "quick warm up time"with modern day sport touring rubber how long is that? I know it depends on air and road temp but say average temp for a spring days riding are we talking 5 minutes 15 minutes? two miles or ten? just wondered.


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Stag T Shirts for Bike

Print and Promotions Offers T-shirt printing services, Leavers Hoodies, Stag t shirts, uniforms, workwears, corporate clothings in Birmingham, We are specialized in screen printing.

  • Created 14 April 2014 14:10 by print123

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iPhone app for motorcycling

HiI got my motorcycle driving license last year and needed an app to record my adventures on the bike. I could not find one that was simple enough to use for that purpose so I wrote one.Maybe some of you guys could also be interested in it?Take a look here.

  • Created 14 April 2014 09:21 by matsekberg

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best pillion bike?

I've got about %XA34.5k to spend on a bike for weekend blasts . But its got to be good for a 6ft. Pillion as well as I often take my brother out. I don't mind something quirky like a K1200R? Thought the ESA would be handy? I've looked at KTM 950SM as well.

  • Created 12 April 2014 19:10 by gavinb9
  • Last comment 5 days ago ago by jaffa90

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Priority to the Right

For all of you that will be venturing abroad and are unaware of the Priority to the Right law that exists in France and many other European countries, we have written a blog on our website explaining Priority to the Right

  • Created 12 April 2014 21:22 by oliwoof


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