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Yamaha sr 125

My sr 125 was running fine about a week ago but now when i slow down through gears it back fires every time and idears what it could be ??

  • Created 01 October 2014 23:00 by Coleby77
  • Last comment 25 minutes ago ago by kcmc

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Anyone able to tell me model of these boots..

Need to sell my old boots but can't remember name if the model. Any Daytona experts able to tell me please? (Are they the lady star ?)Thanks:-)

  • Created 02 October 2014 09:27 by Curlykate

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The Ninja H2R

 First of all I would just like to say how much I have been anticipating the release of the supercharged Ninja H2 since MCN first gave us a glimpse of the prototype engine assembly years ago now and how glad I am that forced induction engines may see some real mass production before the likes of the electric lightning ls-218 and the advancement of super-capacitors render fossil fueled motors obsolete. I wasn't so disappointed with the 998cc displacement once I had read the claimed 296bhp that MCN had posted on there website so swiftly. The initial disappointment for me was ...

  • Created 02 October 2014 03:59 by AS04
  • Last comment 34 minutes ago ago by kcmc

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6 months to prosecute?

Hi, I got pulled up for some exuberant riding in April this year. Due to the seriousness of offences the policeman said it would have to go to court. I had always thought that the police have 6 months to get the case to court or it gets thrown out, but I've just received a court summons 12 days short of 6 months and the hearing is to take place in January. I've since read elsewhere that the police merely have to provide the court with sufficient evidence to prosecute within 6 months. Is this true? Help!

  • Created 01 October 2014 08:03 by supermario
  • Last comment 7 hours ago ago by tc330

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Exact Learner Legal Restrictions

 My question is what exactly is the current legal learning restrictions, I know that you must be restricted to 35kw not exceeding 0.2kw per 1kg and not be derived from a vehicle of more than twice the restrictions product power ie never more than 70kw or 11kw at less than 0.1kw per 1kg for a 125.  Firstly must a 50cc moped have less than 0.1kw per 1kg with a maximum of 4kw?  Secondarily and more important is at what point in the drive train is the power measured, at the crank or at the wheel, how and by who, the government body ...

  • Created 02 October 2014 04:34 by AS04

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Suzuki gs 125z not working :(

Im very new to all this so bare with me. So I bought a suzuki gs 125 from 1982 and recently it is really hard to start most the time (takes 15-20 kicks). Also when sitting idle it will sometimes cut out. And when it cuts out it is even harder to start. Anything I can do?

  • Created 30 September 2014 21:11 by zain290595
  • Last comment 16 hours ago ago by zain290595

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Use of horn..

I'm trying my best to ride like I'm on Mod.2 test (15th October) - riding down a side street today, a work-mans van is parked up on my nearside, with aforesaid workman rummaging in a side door, back to the road. A vehicle approaches towards us on the offside.  What should I do?  I decided to give way to the oncoming vehicle and waited, on the basis that if bloke steps backwards into the road, I could theoretically hit I sit there with oncoming vehicle looking at me like I'm an idiot...which is open to debate.  I think I ...


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kawasaki ninja 300

Hi ..I thought I would ask to see if anyone else has experienced this ...I have recently purchased a new 2014 pearl white kawasaki ninja 300 . It has now covered just over 450 miles .. The front wheel is suffering badly with stone chipping. Has , or is anyone else experiencing this please ?There are no stone chips anywhere else on the bike and there are no signs of the same happening to the rear wheel .. !kawasaki do not appear to be that interested and have said it is due to "external Force !" ?They did say if I Pay %XA3210 ...


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Looking for cheapo 125 dualsport

But I've not a clue where to start. Strapped for cash so the lower the better. Any ideas?

  • Created 30 September 2014 22:55 by blondes

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Yamaha XJ900F first big bike

Hi people; Been offered a 1992 XJ900F by a friend of mine for %XA3300 as first 'big bike' for when I get my full licence - I'm currently on CBT. Long story cut short is that the bike was running fine until two years ago  then got stripped apart by mutual friend to fix exhaust bolt and polish it up and that's how bike is at moment. It was running ok and luckily he didn't take engine apart!So big questions - how suitable are they as a first big bike Are they easy are they to handle in traffic and ...

  • Created 27 September 2014 15:55 by thanetman
  • Last comment 4 days ago ago by thanetman


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